Celebrating world diabetes day


world diabetes day Celebrating world diabetes dayToday is World diabetes day for those who might not know it yet or are wondering why they caught a fleeting pass of some buildings/monuments decked in blue.

Every year I try to find as many decked out blue monuments around the world via the IDF monument challenge, it becomes quite magnanimous when you start looking at the big picture through the eyes of all those people affected with diabetes.

Its just a shame there was nothing done locally this year.

Personally having had diabetes for so long, I always take a moment on this day to reflect on the past 14 years with this disease and what that has meant for my life.

Looking back in reflection at the diabetes journey that has led me here and what the future holds and today it is no different.

Looking back at  this past year it has been both rewarding and challenging.

The highlight by far being the Roche Diabetes Media Summit, Meeting my fellow D bloggers face to  face for the first time. The IDF and JDRF leadership presentations were as eye opening as anything I have ever experienced  in my entire life.

The low point if I might call it that is still happening so I will leave that discussion for another day, Its nothing Major but it has something to do with my diabetes past and I promise to share that as soon as I have something definitive.

And My opinion on  the future of diabetes looks bright personally and collectively. I would say the doom Sayers are wrong, diabetes might an epidemic and sure it is growing rapidly but real change is happening as well and I believe we will have a controlled or even cured disease before we have an apocalyptic barren wasteland of a future because of it.

So celebrate  world diabetes day and take a moment to reflect on those affected by this disease world wide.

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