Why did I get married to a diabetic too


Last night I had the pleasure of watching the talented Mr. Tyler Perry latest movie and I must tell you while I am big fan of his work I always tend to shy away from sequels especially from the movie makers I believe are truly gifted.

To me sequels are always motivated by money rather than talent, not the loss of it necessarily but more like writes block at a certain point in their respective careers.
But before we see a Sixth Sense 2 or a Do the Right Thing 2, even though I read recently of a Inside Man 2 is in the works, I tend to pause and reflect, prejudices in full effect when one of my favorite movie makers comes out with a sequel and it was in such a state of mind that I had no desire to see this movie.

But I am not the only Tyler Perry fan in my family and more times than not I am at the movies not by choice but because its a social event aptly named family movie night and the majority in a democratic inspired process has the winning hand.

So here I was in the middle of laughing at the funny moments(spoiler alert) (the spray of the cremated ashes on Angela and her reaction was priceless) and pretending not get the water works rolling at the sad moments and as usual the thought invoking portion of this movie comes along.

You know the portion that gets you to relate to the characters and their shenanigans, like maybe you are married and have inside track to what the characters are enacting or you have a buddy whose wife is just as crazy as the Angela character.

Inevitably as a single guy when I look back and conjure up memories of my longest relationship with a significant other, I am always led to my diabetic life.

I come from a culture where arranged marriages are the norm so you can imagine my analogy of diabetes being like the proverbial arranged marriage for me, one in which we are deeply entangled, but both of us lack the desire and capacity to be in it and are subsequently linked till death.

I must say that I tried a divorce from diabetes but that was an attempt of futility with miserable connotations and it is a story I chronicled a while back in my writings.

13 years since I entered into this unholy union and the ups downs that comes with it.
The to the death fine print was meant to be figurative or so I thought, not so lateral as is the case.

Like most marriages, this one has had its ups and downs in the last decade.

When I finally managed to get off the insulin dependency was one of the great days of my adult life due to many factors the biggest being my phobia for needles.

The guilt I feel every time I cheat on my diet and the consequences that comes with that, the constant highs and fasting blues.

Finances are always a struggle, not having enough to afford medical coverage, and the peace of mind that comes with that.

Taking my wife for granted sometimes and not appreciating just how a little bit of a stray could lead to major complications and headaches.

Her constant desire and push to make me loose weight, for the supposed health benefits, my spending too much time at the gym.

My almost addiction to popping pills on a daily basis.

And most of all the frustration of knowing that I need the strength and vigilance to hold on for a long long time to come.

So thanks Mr Tyler Perry for having me ask the question, why did I get married too because if I had any choice in the matter, I would definitely not have conjoined with my significant other a.k.a. Mrs Diabetes.

0 Why did I get married to a diabetic too

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