Obesity, the percieved diabetes stigma: diabetes reflections 5


weightloss 300x287 Obesity, the percieved diabetes stigma: diabetes reflections 5 This  past week a lot has been said of the article that came out in the media, about the so called diabetes civil war, I wrote my response titled the real culprit behind the diabetes civil war, and I will not go further into the responses because there was a lot of coverage by the DOC on the matter.

This week I want to reflect on Obesity, the diabetes stigma behind hoopla. Obesity is essentially giving us a bad name, most of us diabetics are seen as fat slobs who have gorged ourselves into a disease which is furthest from the truth

Diabetics come in all shapes and sizes, while there has been  a link between obesity and type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every diabetic is obese or that every obese person is diabetic.

Our society hates fat people, we are programmed to associate beauty with thin stick figure individuals.

In print and electronic media outlets we are bombarded with images of so called beautiful women or muscular who are essentially bags of bones, fat is bad for you is the message.

This stigma is not about to change while the links between the two continue regardless of how much we fight to change these perceptions.

While am not saying if you cant beat them then join them,  the medical benefits of  weightloss for a diabetic clearly outweigh any stigmatized societal beliefs, we as individuals still see ourselves through society’s eyes.

If you’re overweight and have type 2 diabetes, weight loss lowers your blood sugar, improves your health, and helps you feel better. It might even get you to lower your diabetes medication or stop them all together so you should definitely consider weightloss with a doctors supervision.

This should be the only reason a diabetic should consider loosing weight,  as with any aspect of diabetes management, weight loss is not easy and many do struggle with it, resulting in fortunes spent on fad diets and the latest in weight loss pills just to achieve an  elusive state of perceived utopia.

I must admit when I was diagnosed as a teen, I wanted to shed a few pounds since I felt  I could use the loss, In my search for weightloss  supplements which I thought was the quickest path to weightloss, I scoured  for the best weight loss pills I could find, at the time Ephedra laced pills were the latest in weight loss pills . I tried hunger suppressants, metabolism boosters and anything else I could think of but I forgot the number rule in weight loss

To loose weight, you need to expend more calories than you ingest.

And nary the best weight loss pills or  fad diets that do not have this concept embedded in their core would  be effective.

So if you need to loose weight for health reasons please do because this is the only palatable reason, society be damned.

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