Why weight loss should not be a part of diabetes management


diabetes weight loss Why weight loss should not be a part of diabetes managementHow many of you have a scale at home?

Obesity is the most finger pointed  contributor to type 2 diabetes and I am not here arguing this fact because I happen to be  in agreement. So it is a logical conclusion to target weight loss as a core component to diabetes management.

 Logical yes but not practical.

 When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I weighed about 230 pounds which was  far above my ideal weight for my frame and height. (According to this range, I am supposed to weigh 148-160 pounds.)

Naturally I was obsessed with loosing the weight, it was my belief that if I could loose the weight, I could cure my diabetes. (sound familiar)

 I even went as far as taking some weight loss pills at the time called Hydroxycut whose main Ingredient  was the  Ephedra herb which has since been banned by the FDA due to its serious side effects, but as with many who took it, we did not know any better.

14 years ago,  this combined obsession with my wightloss and others (i.e, needle phobia) successfully led me to shed  over 50 pounds in those first 6 months and I was able to get off insulin.

 Through the years, I have gained some of the weight back, not the whole 50 pounds mind you but some of it but I do not consider this a failure because I have  control my blood sugars. 

My Biggest mistake was  that I concetrated too much on the weightloss and not my blood sugar control those first few months and years I might add that by the time I put a concerted effort in controlling my blood sugars I was already behind the curve.

We hear it today with the product peddlers and hawkers, how all you need to do is lose the weight to get cured of diabetes, i.e stop taking your medications and for a special few this is possible but this does not work for every diabetic out there and one should keep this in mind when going down that trail.

The mantra should and always has to be blood sugar control, it should be the vision as well as ultimate goal.

Diet, exercise and diabetes medications are the tools to get us to this ultimate goal.

If you have an effective diabetes management plan in action, which means, Eating right and exercising, you will shed those pounds whether you are paying attention to it or not.

So go ahead and chuck that scale out of the window, I did. Because in all intensive purposes you do not need it.

Which is why I happen to believe that weightloss as part of diabetes management is redundant and a distraction from the ultimate goal, what do you think?

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  1. I think I get what you’re saying and agree. I mean in general, we should all be striving towards healthy living and that leads to a healthy weight. So it helps to focus on the big picture and not obsess over one aspect of health-especially one that is incomplete. People can be very thin and very unhealthy, of course.

    Great way to say this, if I understood correctly :)

    • Thanks sysy. In my opinion we pay more attention to the little stuff and less on the bigger picture, not necessarily our fault but it’s just the way things are set up when it comes to daily diabetes management vs longterm management.

  2. interesting insights thankyou for sharing. I love the way you wrote it. Is there any way I could find out for more?

  3. hi
    As far as I know that weight loss has something to do on exercise, balance diet and so on to make your figure in shape. It’s all about losing weight in a different strategies. Normally if your a diabetic person probably you lose weight but not part of the weight loss process. You have lose weight for the reason that you have illness that can’t curable.


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