My vegetarian diabetic diet plan


food for diabetes My vegetarian diabetic diet plan

Fistfull of veggies

Today marks the official countdown to my vegan ways. Ultimately I have but 3 days left of carnivorous behavior, to clear out my freezer before I embark on my vegetarian diabetic diet.

The official change to a vegetarian diabetic diet is as much necessity as it is choice and it ultimately has nothing to do with the fact that my ancestors were CANNIBALS. (creepy but true story: when I was  discussing my vegetarian diabetes diet choices with dear old mom she let this juicy tit bit casually drop.)

My regular diet consists of a variation of Atkins which requires no limits on protein and meats but alas the after effects of that is high dose of cholesterol. Out the Endocrinologist’s Shenanigans a few weeks back came the news that I had an elevated level of cholesterol and was placed on Lipitor.cholesterol pills My vegetarian diabetic diet plan

Me being me required an additional self sacrificing move which in this case meant going to a vegetarian diabetic diet  even if its just for a bit until I can get my HDL/LDL numbers down to acceptable ranges.

My research has me convinced it is the right cause of action to take, both short term and long term and after speaking with a few people in the DOC (special thanks to a good friend Renata Porter of  The Diabetic Duo, twitter @DiabeticDuo for her great insight on the matter) I am more than convinced it is.

I honestly don’t know what lies ahead in this Vegetarian diabetic diet foray, maybe the grip meat has on me is not only psychological but evolutionary as well, (curse you damn ancestors LOL) but I must say that I am truly looking forward to a new  life of vegetarian diabetic diet Platonism and  all the disasters/ successes that comes with.

I will surely keep you guys updated.

Of the many lessons diabetes has taught me it is simply to expect and embrace change in any and all aspects of this disease, if that means going on a vegetarian diabetic diet for a while so be it, it could be a refreshing change for me and the Jr diabetic cop….food for thought

P/S: I feel inclined to say this because the suggestions are just never ending: I am by no means looking to reverse my diabetes with a vegetarian diabetic diet  as many KEEP suggesting to me, I am simply trying to avoid meat for a while to get a handle on my cholesterol.

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  1. Awe man, I thought for sure you were going to keep rigorous notes on how your diabetes slowly slipped away the more veges you ate.

    Thank you for the mention. I hope it goes well for you and I will be reading!

    • Lol that’s yet to come….I have this strange feeling though that I am getting haunted by my great great great great great grandfather….

      • I am keying into my body directing me to go vegan! I am going to submit, and work out menu details while I continue to read, “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes” written by Dr. Neal D. Barnard. Great read if this is the direction your body is taking you.

        I also have high cholesterol. So far, I’ve stopped two different meds my doc prescribed because of nasty side affects. This change makes sense for me right now. Let me know how it goes with you, and what kind of receipts you create along the way.

        Take care

  2. Hello Ronnie, It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog. I didn’t know you were going to go vegan. Wow!! That’s the total opposite from a low carb diet. I’m just like you trying to find the answer to the type 2 diabetes puzzle. I on the other hand went raw vegan for a long time, and now I’m doing a low carb diet. I once had Tryglycerides at 1180 “yes my friend 1180″, A1c 14 (blood sugar 425), high Cholesterol in the 300′s. I went on a raw food diet and lowered my Triglycerides to 160, my A1c to 7.5 and my Cholesterol to normal ranges, with no medication whats so ever. At the begining of this year, I started reading the Dr. Bernstein book, and several other low carb style books. For some reason, I changed my diet completly to a low carb diet, and I’m also taking Metformin now, also my new Dr. follows a low carb diet, and is very knowledgeable about diabetes. My last tests my Cholesterol is still normal, my Triglycerides went up 30points, my A1c was 5.7. I honetly think that a vegan style diet is somewhat healthier for diabetics, due to it keeps your arteries clean. I’m kind of on the fence about going back to raw foods, or just a vegan type diet. I’m going to start reading your blog again, to see your progress. Who knows, you might change my mind again….

    Good luck with your diabetes adventure…


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