Upping my fitness in 2011


diabetes fitness goals Upping my fitness in 2011Guest post written by Faye Hooper

I can’t believe that this year again I’m making another fitness New Year’s resolutions. Last year I had told myself that I wouldn’t make any more of them, but I’ve just been feeling so sluggish lately that I’m determined to get some exercise. I guess that my New Year’s resolution isn’t going to be that intense or anything, but I just want to make sure that I get up and get moving around some.fitness goals Upping my fitness in 2011

I went online to try and find some classes or something that would be good for me to take but not too strenuous because I have some knee problems. When I was doing that I found some Clear tv bundle pricing that looked really good so I’m going to sign up for that internet service. My old service hasn’t been great for a while anyway.

For my fitness New Year’s resolution, I’m going to try and go for a nice walk every day. I think that just getting out of the house for a bit by doing that will also be good for my mental wellbeing.

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