An unconventional type 2 diabetes treatment


type 2 diabetes treatment An unconventional type 2 diabetes treatment

Disclaimer: By presenting this article to you my readers and fellow diabetics, it was not  to endorse it in any way shape or form but my intentions lay only under the express guise that you read it and make your own conclusions as to its validity. p/s: I wasn’t paid to post this either.

This is a guest post by Henry Martin:

Type 2 Diabetes  is now reclassified as an Autoimmune disease. See article below

It means there are antibodies to Insulin.
Insulin resistance is also part of the problem with antibodies to insulin. The insulin is there but the antibodies bind to it and it is not free to act as insulin. Even when more insulin is produced, again the antibodies bind to the extra insulin. It is therefore important to remove these Insulin antibodies.

Oral Tolerance (O.T.) is the most successful way of treating Diabetes 2 & various autoimmune diseases.

View link to understand better. Here

And the most important part is O.T. is successful in animal trials of autoimmune diseases.
View link for Success in Animals trials Here 

But it has not been successful in human trials.

However if ALL OF THE FACTORS in the animal trials were duplicated in human trials then we will have success too.

The reason animal trials were positive is because in most cases the animals wereyoung – their immune systems were producing good amounts of themissing factor – CD80/CD86. The suppressor T cells – ourattention should be on this cell because it is responsible for lowering antibodies (immunoglobin G) and can bring total healing & cure.

The Reserch by Dr. Polly Matzinger explains this best :
The T cell needs 2 factors or signals for full activation.
1.) a peptide similar to INsulin – a tiny dose 1 mg. this primes or makes ready theT cell. But without the 2nd signal the T cell remains in anergy( no activity).

2.) the Second signal – is CD80 or CD86 – either one is enough to make the Tcell go thru the changes that makes it a fully activated cell.It is the Second Signal where Modern medicine has not progressed further & failed. CD80 and CD86 are factors found in the blood.

Many Blood Factors and their production are increased by Herbs;
1.) VEGF(Vascular endothelial Growth Factor) – expression increased by Chinese herb Angelica sinensis.
2.) Interferon-G – expression induced by Astragalus membraneous root, licorice and some extracts from certain beans.
3.) Tumor necrosis factor- alpha – production increased by Coptis herb
4.) INterleukin-2 – expression increased by Goji berries.

The important fact is CD80 And/or CD86 which are the missing ingredientscan be induced by Herbs.CD80 production is possible thru the use of plants &/or mushrooms.
1.) Agaricus bisporus – can induce CD80 . Agaricus bisporus is the white Button mushroom or champignon mushroom found in most U.S. and Canadian supermarkets.
See article here

2.) Goji berry known as Lycium barbarum – juice and extracts induces CD80- available from most Food supplement stores & the internet.

See article here

The above 2 examples are proof that the solution is Oral Tolerance and herbs.

Modern Research has a handicap – all Modern Research have partnered with Drug Companies and Drug makers policy will not test Herbs because herbs can not be patented. If they spend millions on tests, anyone can buy the herbs and go without the drugs.

Lux Research – a division of Lux Health Resources has done the research.
The herbs take only 4 days of for each course of treatment followed by 15 days of
transition – meaning the body makes the necessary changes.
For mild cases 2 – 3 courses -.
For moderate cases – about 4 to 6 courses.
For severe cases – 7 to 8 courses of treatment.

Lux Research is doing trials now.
If you are interested in being included in trials, you will not be charged for the remedy.
This is a win-win situation, you get the cure and we get MORE proof that can be presented to the medical community and the world.
We will be writing an article on this trial and publish it in a Health , Medical Treatment and/or Research Journal.

For Diabetes Type 1, the treatment is similar however the antigen insulin is changed to GAD(glutamic acid decarboxylase) which is the target protein in
beta cells islets of langerhans-Pancreas.
We don’t have this at this time, but if we can get it
then that cure will be available.

WE are doing trials on Diabetes now, if anyone is interested in being part of trials,

you will not be charged for the cost, We will shoulder all expenses.

This is a win-win situation.
Although, we have success, the numbers are not enough to convince the medical
We intend to write an article and publish it on one of the new treatments, or research Journals.

Any comments or questions?
Contact us via

Update: My email Q&A with Henry Martin is as follows

1. how many human patients were involved in this study?

We started with 17 however, 4 discontinued or stopped their treatment. It is actually hard to find subjects because Modern Medicine made statements that it is not possible to cure any form of diabetes.   They should only state that they are unable to fix this but that other methods should be tried.

2. Were the patients on oral medication or insulin during or prior to the tests?

No, other medications are known to change the results so we advise no medications or supplements.

3. Are they completely cured(normal blood glucose levels and off their medications)

4 are cured.  another 5 are in various stages of improvemnt.

4. How long did the process take?

A course is usually 21 days.

mild cases -need 3 courses

moderate  – 4 to 6 courses

severe – 7 to 8

5. were they all t2 or t1 as well?

Only diabetes 2.  Diabetes type 1 needs GAD(glutamic acid decarboxylase) which is the target antigen in this case. We do not have this but if we are able to get it, then we can do trials for diabetes 1 too.

As I stated earlier, please make your own decisions on this. The only reason I posted it was because this might be someone else’s cup of tea. It is not mine by any stretch of the Imagination but that does not mean I am going to dismiss it outright for everyone of you who read my blog.

Henry Martin can be contacted at for any questions or concerns by email through Henry Martin via  [email protected]

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