Type 2 diabetes diet and Nutrition tips


type 2 diabetes diet and nutrition 300x200 Type 2 diabetes diet and Nutrition tipsI am not a fan of starting my post on a negative note, but recently I happened to stumble upon a disturbing fact that I try as I might, I could not ignore. According to the American Diabetes Association, a total of 25.8 million Americans – adults as well as children – were living with diabetes in 2011. That amounts to a whopping 8.3 percent of the total population of this great country.

Of all the types of diabetes known to men, type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent form. It afflicts 90 percent of the people with diabetes and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), results largely from excess body weight and physical inactivity.

If you ask me, we are living on a ticking time bomb and if we don’t do something to stop it right now, the disease with no known cure and deadly repercussions will continue to spread its ugly tentacles across our people.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Cut the Carbs

Like I said, I don’t like being the messenger of bad news, so here’s a piece of information that’s a bit more cheerful. It is possible to manage type 2 diabetes by making simple lifestyle changes and the first among them – you guessed it right – has to do with your diet.

The thing you have to understand about being a diabetic is that you can’t be a free willy when it comes to food. The first thing to catch your eye can’t go straight into your mouth.

If you’re living with type 2 diabetes, you’re going to have to bring in check the total number of carbohydrates you consume in a day. That’s because carbohydrates raise the level of glucose in the blood and since diabetes makes you insulin resistant, your body is unable break down this glucose into energy resulting in its build up in blood.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Grab the Greens

Your type 2 diabetes diet plan should ideally include tons of non-starchy vegetables. Non-starchy veggies are not just low in carbs, but they are also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. And the best part is you don’t have to control your portions when it comes to greens.

So, go ballistic on vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, celery, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms, onion, okras and what not. Get a list of permitted vegetables from your nutritionist and look for interesting type 2 diabetes diet recipes on the web that you can cook using these veggies.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Save that Salt

First things first – dump that salt shaker in the garbage. It’s important to watch not just your sugar, but also your salt intake if you’re living with type 2 diabetes as it increases the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension.

The American Diabetes Association advocates replacing salt with low-sodium herbs, spices and seasonings to add flavor to your food. You can also look for low-salt recipes and make generous use of citrus juices, vinegar, onion and garlic to give your plateful that zest it needs.

When you visit the grocery store to buy food, especially canned and packaged food, make a habit of reading the labels carefully to check the amount of sodium in each serving.

There are lots of other dos and don’ts of type 2 diabetes diet. Provided your doctor gives you the green signal, it may actually be simpler to follow a structured diet plan that’s known to have worked for other diabetics instead of DIY. You may also find support and motivation from others in your group, making it easier to stay on course. Remember, with just a little bit of effort, you can get the better of your type 2 diabetes.

Article Summary:

Type 2 diabetes, which results from the body’s inability to use insulin properly, is the most common form of diabetes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity and physical inactivity are among the primary causes of type 2 diabetes. But the good news is that it is possible to manage the disease by following a carefully crafted type 2 diabetes diet plan that’s low on carbs and salt.

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Sydney is a successful nutritionist who lives in Illinois. As a nutritionist, she has provided weight loss coaching to many of her clients. She loves to share her experience and knowledge on benefits of healthy weight loss through her writings and is a great believer in structured weight loss programs.

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