Top 50 diabetic bloggers of 2010


As a challenge by Darren Rowse of problogger a mentor in everything blogging I am putting together a list of the top 50 diabetic bloggers of 2010 at no particular order and I want to keep this list going ALL THE WAY TO 50 so if I forgot you just add a blog in the comment section and we will keep it going

1. Amy T at Diabetes Mine

2. David Mendosa at Mendosa

3. Cherise Nicole at Diabetic_iz_me

4. Kerri Morrone at  six until me

5. Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness

6. Gina Capone at the the diabetes OC

7. Christopher snider at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

8. Allison Blass at lemonade life

9. Manny Hernandez at tudiabetes

10. Ronald Gregory at the poor diabetic (me)

11. Mark-John Clifford at diabetiville
12. Raul Barba Alhadro at Para Gente de Sangre Dulce

13. George Simmons of Ninjabetic

14. Bennet Dunlap of YDMV

15. Wil Dubois of LifeAfterDX

16. Scott Johnson of Scott’s Diabetes Journal

17. Sara Knicks

18. Bernard Farrell  of Diabetes Technology Blog

19. Fatcat Anna at Annas Blog

20.  Jenny Ruhl at blood sugar 101

21. Crystal at randomly capitalized

22. Shannon at Ladadeeda

23. Renata Porter at the diabetic duo

24. Lee Ann Thill at the butter compartment

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  1. Diabetiville – Mark-John Clifford

    • Thumbs up for Mark’s blog! He is da man!!!!
      .-= FatCatAnna´s last blog ..Good News for Type 1 Patients: Artificial Pancreas Project Moves Forward =-.

  2. Raul Barba Alhadro at Para Gente de Sangre Dulce (For people with sweet blood)
    I’ll return quickly
    Raulillo from Tijuana

  3. How about all of these great bloggers, and this is just a start.

    George Simmons of Ninjabetic
    Bennet Dunlap of YDMV
    Wil Dubois of LifeAfterDX
    Cherize Nicole of Diabetic_Iz_Me
    Allison Blass of Lemonade Life
    Scott Johnson of Scott’s Diabetes Journal
    Sara Knicks
    Bernard Farrell (me) of Diabetes Technology Blog
    .-= Bernard Farrell´s last blog ..Bayer Contour USB meter big step forward for design =-.

  4. How about adding my friend Anna Kiff from TUdiabetes , Fatcat Anna at to the LIST …thanks (I am not a blogger , but love the concept )

  5. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes back in 1968 at the ripe ol’ age of 7. Since then, the way diabetes is treated has changed for the better. Compared to the days of testing your urine, boiling glass syringes, sharpening the needle on a stone, it feels like the Stone Ages when I see how things have progressed.

    Hopefully one day we will find a cure for diabetes, but until then, we plod along with the new technology (for example, since Nov 2008 I have been using an insulin pump to attain better A1C’s and quality of life).

    I presently volunteer at various websites helping others with their questions about diabetes, and even learning new things myself all the time! I also have taken on the role of Vice President at the West Island Diabetes Association (WIDA) with the hopes of bringing that organisation into the 21st century and attracting more diabetics to come out to meet their fellow PWD’s (people with diabetes) and share their secrets of living successfully with our hiccup in life!

    The most important thing for PWD’s I feel is to educate ourselves on our condition, and not to let it bring us down. With the help of I hope to bring a smile to each and everyone of your faces, and for you to question the things that we do to keep on trudging along.
    .-= FatCatAnna´s last blog ..Quitting Smoking Temporarily Increases Likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes =-.

  6. Blog by Jenny Ruhl.
    This is the blog for the Blood Sugar 101 web site (

  7. I feel weird adding myself but here you go:
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Random Captures =-.

    • Crystal don’t feel weird (I did the same thing adding myself too ). Be proud of what we all do, with keeping other diabetics / nondiabetics informed about how our lives are with the “D”. I loveto read other D’s adventures / misadventures – makes me feel less alone! I personally think being diabetic has made me a much better understanding – ’cause I’m so sweet _ (I may be high actually – haven’t tested my blood sugars yet after a night of partying! Wish me luck with the vampire machine).
      .-= FatCatAnna´s last blog ..Good News for Type 1 Patients: Artificial Pancreas Project Moves Forward =-.

      • Got you Anna the main point of me putting this list out is that we as diabetics bloggers can follow what we do. Because there is so much that connect us all.
        Ronald Gregory

  8. I think this is a great idea! I was going to try something similar but I think I”ll see how this turns out.

    Just an FYI – NaBloPoMo is a network of bloggers who blog everyday during November. It is not a diabetes blog in the slightest, there are just some members of the D community who participate in the challenge. So you might want to consider giving that space to someone who actually blogs about diabetes, not a network.
    .-= Allison Blass´s last blog ..Hitting the Wall. =-.

  9. kelly at
    crystal at
    sarah at

  10. From Amy at .I like shannon at

  11. Renata Porter
    .-= Renata Porter´s last blog ..Kids and Teens =-.

  12. Janet “Jenny” Ruhl’s BloodSugar 101 Blog

  13. Very useful collection of blogs related to diabetes.
    .-= Diabetic´s last blog ..Aloe vera Diabetes | Aloe vera and Diabetes | Diabetes Natural =-.

  14. Hi Everyone

    I would love to blog more, but thought all might be interested in this great article.

    I found it in Spark People

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  15. Hi thank you for your comment,its great to see people are reading my blogs its great as you have I have added my blog to the comment section,I just hope its correct.

    Good luck with your list.

  16. My girlfriend’s uncle has diabetes. It makes his life tougher but not impossible. I’ve always liked the saying “Diabetes won’t kill you ; not managing it will”

  17. The blog Diabetes Santa gives current information about the Faustman research for a cure of Type 1 diabetes and also information about the two small gift books, Santa’s Adventures and Santa’s Adventures II, that are on sale now through and through Barnes & Noble, where you can call ahead to order the book(s) and pick it/them up, thus saving the shipping fee. All proceeds from the sale of these books go to the Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital.

    Each book contains three narrative poems about the misadventures of Santa, his elves and his deer as they prepare for their Christmas flight, due to some important weather or news event from the year in which it was written. (Think swine flu in 2009 or the Icelandic volcano in 2010.) Each poem was originally sent with Christmas greetings to family and friends, and now several are combined in each of these two small books, with illustrations provided by the self-publishing company, Author House. Adults will get more out of the poems, but children will also enjoy hearing them. Consider this purchase as one of your Christmas donations to the Faustman cure.

    • Anne, I liked both of your books, especially the ending of the second one! And I love that all profits go to Dr. Faustman’s research. Are the people listed on this blog aware of your book and of Dr. Faustman’s success?? Thanks.


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