The JDCA: Why Now is The Time To Unite For a Cure


jdca The JDCA: Why Now is The Time To Unite For a Cure“A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes” – some say it is not going to happen, others say it might be just around the corner. We have all heard different things, but everyone who has had to live with the disease knows just how different life would be if/when we have one. Insulin was discovered more than 90 years ago – a lot of research has been done since then, a lot of hard work put in, but unfortunately all the efforts and resources have not been used towards a cure – in fact, only a small portion of them have. This is where The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance steps in.

The official statement on our website reads:

“The JDCA is a unique and self-funded nonprofit that aims to educate donors and prompt transparency in the charitable organizations that raise money to support research.  We are an independent analyst of the type 1 diabetes charitable universe and bring a business-like perspective to focus research toward a Practical Cure.  We want to unify voices in an effort to accelerate a cure for established diabetics.”


What this means is that it is our mission to make a difference in the way the major organizations are using money for type 1 diabetes. Most people who participate in the Walks for a Cure and all the various diabetes fundraisers do so for one main reason – to see their loved ones, or themselves if they have diabetes, experience the benefits of a cure within their lifetime.

A lot of money is used on treatments, prevention techniques, education – which is all important and has its place, but only a cure will save a patient from a lifetime of living with this chronic disease. What is more – it is the specific wish of the donors that the foundations use the donated money for a cure, and not to allocate it towards other sources.

What makes us unique is that we are the only type 1 diabetes advocate focused solely on the search for a cure – there is simply no one else. People often ask us if we handle donations, but the answer is no. We want all of your donations to go where they matter – towards the diabetes foundations, who have the tools to find a cure. What we stress, however, is that you make sure that those donations come with a stipulation – that they be used to find a cure.

That is why we are building a strong alliance, and why we need you to be apart of it – just give us your email so that we can send you our free newsletters and future reports at the JDCA.

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0 The JDCA: Why Now is The Time To Unite For a Cure

As the number of diabetics grows around the world, it is our duty to keep fighting for a cure, and force the change that will put us on the right track towards it. Under the current model, where people donate in the hopes for a cure, but that money is used for other purposes, or it is used for vague projects which do not have solid targets, such as a cure-by-date and a definition of a cure, we might have to wait another 90 years, or even indefinitely, to find a cure.

The good news is that it is up to us. All important change starts with people making it known that what is happening right now is not good enough and we need to start following a different route. We have to take advantage of the momentum and the current medical advancements in the field and not let them slip away. As our reports show, only five out of more than 300 projects being funded by cure-money are actually focused on a Practical Cure – but together, we can make that number a lot higher.

- Stoyan Zaimov

Associate Editor

The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

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