Symptoms of diabetes in children


prediabetic kids 300x225 Symptoms of diabetes in childrenThere are a many  prevalent symptoms of  diabetes in children some are common and some recent ones might throw conventional wisdom on its head.

These symptoms might overlap with type 1 diabetes symptoms but I have to clarify that we are talking about type 2 diabetes in children.

It used to be when you mentioned childhood diabetes, you referred to  type 1 diabetes which was characterized by a complete pancreas failure but the rise in childhood obesity has led to a prototypical rise in type 2 diabetes in children as well.

Pre diabetes symptoms

1. Obesity- While obesity is usually a  precursor to  pre diabetes in children it is a phenomenon with existential qualities. An obese child is more likely than not to contract diabetes but an unexplained and rapid weight loss is usually a pre determinant of diabetes in a child and thus considered a symptom. Weight loss might also prevent diabetes however in a pre diabetic child.

2. Darkened skin – When the body produces excess Insulin to try and combat the regular high glucose levels in the blood will leave some dark rings around a child’s neck and armpits, this condition known as acanthosis nigricans, may be a sign of insulin resistance and pre diabetes.

3. Increase in Hunger- Lack of insulin to help in the energy production process creates a depletion which turn triggers hunger to try and refill the energy reserves.

4. Thirsty and frequent urination. – Excess sugar build up in the bloodstream will cause fluid to be drawn from the cells which may lead to excessive thirst. and  As a result, the child will drink and urinate more than usual.

5. Fatigue. – Irritability and fatigue are caused by the lack of glucose in the cells.

6. Blurred vision. High blood sugar will pull fluids from the lenses of your child’s eyes, causing them to be unable to focus clearly.

7. Slow-healing sores or frequent infections. Ability to heal normally and resistant infections are a symptoms of type 2 diabetes in a child as well.

Update Apr 12 2011

8. Wrist size – New Research has found a correlation between  wrist size and BMI with levels of insulin resistance, a precurser to type 2 diabetes. Surprisingly, researchers found that it wasn’t necessarily a fatter wrist that correlated with higher heart disease risk, just a larger one. Because higher insulin levels in kids can contribute to increased bone production, larger wrist bones may be a marker of insulin resistance, which in turn is a predictor of future heart disease.

When you see the following symptoms in a child please seek medical advice immediately because it is prudent to catch these symptoms of pre diabetes in children before it is too late.

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  1. It is always a joy to come accross a post that is both useful and informative. I do not agree with everything you say but have increased my knowledge from details in your post. Keep up the good work. Regards. Jim

  2. Parents are doing something wrong to control their children. Children are not getting proper motivation to do enough exercise, and they are turning into couch potatoes. Parent should share the importance of exercise and eating a healthy diet at home and school with their kids.

    • Lisa, I would just like to say that I am disgusted by your post. I have a special needs child who is FAR from a “couch potato ” as you put it. Yes, childhood obesity is on the rise, but sometimes it is also just the pancreas that doesn’t work properly. Don’t stand in judgement of others, until you have walked a mile in their shoes! God Bless…

  3. Very enlightening.

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  5. I found this article helpful. As a mother and a nurse of a child just diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic I did not know many of these symptoms, luckily we have a young pediatrician who recognized the early signs. I’d like to say I am so sick and tires of ignorant people blaming parents. My child is a thriving athlete who is active in sports ALL YEAR ROUND, he eats healthy and doesn’t spend hours in front of the boob tube. My child has asthma and likely the frequent high doses of steroids contributed to his early onset of diabetes. I think people need to realize other factors besides poor diet contribute to diabetes, and stop always trying to find someone to blame.


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