Some Cardinal diabetes Rules I broke in the 2011 Northeast Ohio Tour de cure


033 224x300 Some Cardinal diabetes Rules I broke in the 2011 Northeast Ohio Tour de cureThe 2011 Northeast Ohio tour de cure was this past Sunday the 12th day of  June and even with its usual festive atmosphere, it was a lot more  of a coming out diabetes party for me because in any sense of the word it was my first  official diabetes related activity this year. and by the far perfect place to start my diabetes new year.

 I know its June and half the year is gone by already but i am a man with an ingenious  plan.

A plan that includes a hellish work schedule for the first four months of the year to fill up the cofers, needless to say, I do tax preparation at this time, then take some time to reclaim my old self before emmersing myself on my real passion that the diabetes world is so before you know it, it is a diabetes new year in June.

This year things were a lot tougher than past years so when I took off for vacation I decided to leave everything behind including my electronic’s, aside from my phone, I did not read or replyto any emails, no tweets, no facebook updates nothing, which in itself was not the best thing in the world because I ended up breaking a few cardinal diabetes rules.

The pedometer on my bike reads 85k this morning, split into 3 portions, 10k on Fri 25k on Sat, but the 50k I did at the tour was by far my longest ride of the year and stating how gruelling it was does not do it any justice at all.030 224x300 Some Cardinal diabetes Rules I broke in the 2011 Northeast Ohio Tour de cure

Cardinal diabetes rule no 1 - Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Preparation is a key cog in a diabetic’s life, I still prepare my diet requirements weekly, a precise schedule for my fitness and medications just to stay on top of my blood sugar control, why I thought I would just go in and ride 50 miles with 2 day preparations I will never know, but that was the situation I was in, huffing and cursing myself on the way to the reststop at mile 20.

Cardinal Diabetes rule 2- Never Consume anything without knowing its contents.

At the rest stop on mile 20, I couldnt help but swap out my usual water bottle for  Getorade, in my exhaustive state I needed something to boost me the rest of the way and the water was not cutting it. It never EVEN crossed my mind that the cupfull of getorade I chugged down and filled my bottle with was regular and not diet (is there even such a thing as diet getorade?).

Cardinal Rule no 3 - Never Let your blood Glucose Go beyond 250

Yes you’ve guessed it, my post tour BG was 267, and  the poster child for what  not to do at the tour de cure.

I will pat myself in the back for finishing the tour and being a part of what it represents even though, I broke some cardinal rules due to my circumstances. By the end of the day, I had my BG’s back to acceptable levels, thanks to my Insulin Regiment but as jr puts it, it was much funner last year than this.036 224x300 Some Cardinal diabetes Rules I broke in the 2011 Northeast Ohio Tour de cure

What  A  way to start my diabetic year off.


  1. While there is not a diet Gatorade, they do have the G2 series which supposedly contains half the calories. However, many people with diabetes prefer the Powerade Zero which contains zero calories. The sodium content in all sports drinks is higher than normal, and if you use insulin, you may need some sugar to offset the effects of exercise, but everyone is unique in their needs, hence the reason for so many options!

  2. I can talk to you about your condition; to be informed is best.

  3. Diabetic’s should really exercise.Its good to know this blog and I’m glad that you shared some photos..Great post.I enjoyed reading it.Keep it up..You can do it..:D

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    Your welcome…You have a kind heart…I’m glad that i was be able to find your blog…I’m hoping for your goodness.Keep up the good work…More power!!:D

  5. Hey Ronnie,

    Great Job!



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