Self-Help: Techniques to Effectively Relieve Stress


stress 300x300 Self Help: Techniques to Effectively Relieve StressStress trickles into every routine task, becoming a debilitating daily malaise — navigating the dangerous sea of endless traffic, dealing with a multitude of assignments in the time-crunched office hours setting and the struggle to catch some sleep knowing the day will repeat itself tomorrow. Sound familiar? suggests using “the four A’s” of dealing with stress. Avoid, alter, adapt or accept the stressor depending on the type of stress encountered. Avoid unnecessary stress, alter unavoidable stress, adapt to unchangeable stress and accept the things you can’t change.

Folks suffering under the weight of stress can turn to spirituality and prayer to confront daily challenges. “When stress strikes, strike up a conversation with God,” Pastor Ed Young advises. For the religiously inclined, prayer can play a significant role in the reduction of stress.


To relieve stress, you must first identify the source. Dedicate a journal solely to track stressful situations throughout the day. Record the causes, feelings and actions taken to mitigate the stress. Patterns will emerge and help paint a clear picture of what’s necessary in order to properly respond and treat the negative repercussions.


Holding off on tasks and obligations will only stretch the duration of stress until completed. Procrastination propagates stress but is easily eliminated with some self-discipline. Tackle the most pressing issues first, and taper down to less time-sensitive engagements.

Prioritize your time as well. Strike a good balance between work and personal endeavors. On the weekends, the religiously inclined can attend inspiring church events that revitalize your outlook on life and recharge for the week ahead. Take advantage of your weekends and invest your time in worthwhile activities and hobbies.


Begin your day with a hearty breakfast to gain the energy to power through to noon. Reduce your dependence on caffeine and limit sugar and alcohol intake. Take a daily multivitamin to receive needed nutrients. Those experiencing constant stress sink deeper into unhappiness by attempting to quell their sour moods with comfort food; unhealthy meals, in turn, will only propagate the cycle of stress.


Living an active lifestyle will work wonders on your state of mind and assist in decreasing stress. Physically exerting your body initiates a deluge of feel-good chemicals into your brain like endorphins and serotonin. Working out in the early morning is especially advantageous in launching your day with a healthy start.


Rest is vital and restorative and crucial if we’re to get any work completed at all. Whether you enjoy watching TV, reading a book or listening to music, spend your spare time at the end of the day to wind down and rest. Breathing techniques and meditation are also satisfying methods to find inner mental peace and tranquility.


Unless you’re a member of the so-called superhuman “sleepless elite,” you’ll need a proper seven to eight hours of rest each night. Lethargically drowsing through the day will certainly increase stress levels and make you an unmitigated grouch. Proper rest enables lucid and rational thought lucidly and often results in greater optimism.

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