My son may be a pre diabetic part 2

Re 300x225 My son may be a pre diabetic part 2Last week I was talking about my son’s weight issues, how he might be pre diabetic and how I am blaming myself for this whole situation.

I have always been concerned about his weight but due to some factors that I would rather not delve into, but lets just say I was not in a position to do much until now. In march when he went for his physical, part of the physical was a simple blood glucose test which came back at 120 mg/dl  which was a bit high.

The pediatrician recommended that we try the Rainbow babies healthy kids healthy weight program which we are currently enrolled in.

This is a program that is tailored to an individual child and family that helps them in weightloss by educating healthy eating habits as well getting and staying physical. It is a year long process which hopefully will inject healthier habits he can use for life.

We are on the right track I hope and while I have my fingers crossed that he is not pre diabetic, we have to go through an evaluation process which we did about 2 weeks ago.

From the evaluation which included a 3 day food diary, a glucose tolerance test, a physical, a BMI determination test as well as a strength test, we have some preliminary results which I received over the labor day weekend.

Pre Diabetic – Nutrition Evaluation Findings

After evaluating the 3 day food diary and answering a diet questionnaire it was determined that his diet is high in calories and fat

  • The culprit being that he will have bacon and eggs at breakfast or sausage and eggs on a daily basis mostly and this needs to be limited to one meat and three times a week.
  • A lot of juice, He mainly had juice with meals but that has to be limited to 1 cup a day.
  • Limit desert to 3 times a week and pay attention to the portion sizes.
  • Increase both Fruits, veggies and calcium.

Pre Diabetic – Exercise Evaluations Findings

The strength test showed

  • Marginal (medium) muscular strength
  • Low muscular endurance
  • Medium activity Level
  • High Level non academic screen time
  • High Sedentary  time

Recommendations were:

  • Increase moderate physical activity to 60 minutes a day 7 days a week.
  • Increase vigorous physical activity to 30 minutes a day 4 days a week.
  • Decrease non-academic screen time to less than 2 hours a day

Pre diabetic – Medical Findings

The Diabetes, High Insulin, and other sugar problem findings are still pending

BMI – 30.6% recommended range 19.2%

Body Fat – 41% recommended boys= 12% – 18%

Lean Muscle – 59%

The numbers are obviously still shocking to me and they should, I have always thought  in the back of my mind that it wasn’t that bad, until I see the evidence and realize that we are in dire straights and we need to make these recommended changes ASAP if we are to nurse him back to health.

Pre Diabetic -  an action plan implemented

A few things I learned from the first few stages that I am implementing.

  • The 20 minute rule – Re always asked for seconds especially at dinner time so now he has to wait 20 minutes and if he still hungry then he can have seconds. I cannot begin to tell you the genius of this rule, now he barely eats seconds just because 20 minutes later he has more than likely forgotten or he is full. ( the 20 minute rule is derived from the fact that it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to let the brain know you are full. ) This works so great that I have implemented it in my own diabetes management.
  • We are limiting non academic  screen time, especially the video games to 2 hours a day, this is the toughy one coz he is seriously addicted to those games.
  • More moderate exercise – I am making him ride his bike at least an hour before he plays 30 minutes of video game and this ratio is working right now.
  • Vigorous activity – Thank God football conditioning starts today for muny and it goes on for the next 10 weeks and football season in late august after that. It is his first year of football and we have been out in the field for the last three weeks getting him ready. The regular conditioning program lasts 2 hours every weekday so he will be getting the full vigorous need for the day and then some.

This is the stage we are in and hopefully we are taking the necessary steps in the right direction and will keep everyone updated of his progress, fingers crossed.

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  1. First of all, I’m sorry for the stress and worry that this screening and testing has caused for you and your son. You know that diabetes, whatever the type, isn’t a wish anyone has for their children despite the management options we have today. But one thing that I’d like to reassure is that it’s NOT your fault, currently or in the future in the possible event your son does develop any type of diabetes. From you posts online here, it sounds as though you’ve done a great job as a parent and not been someone to simply not care about your child’s health – directly leading to a diagnosis. You sound like a responsible, caring, loving, and great father. In my personal opinion, this whole “pre-diabetes” concept is one that causes too much worry and is unnecessary for parents to endure. Often, it seems as though medical professionals and others toss the term around without fully understanding the dynamics of what goes into diabetes, whether it’s Type 1 or 2. If someone doesn’t fit their mold of “normal,” then they must be a “pre-diabetic.” Honestly, any non-diabetic is a “pre-diabetic” if he or she doesn’t do what they need to. Everyone faces risks and must make choices that can determine their lifestyle, but sometimes there’s nothing that can be done to prevent something from happening. Even the most skinny, healthy, excercise-obsessed individuals with no family history or other indicator develop Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I think this heartache and stress is uncalled for based a “pre-diabetic” designation, and as a diabetic yourself hits the heart even more. I hope all goes well in the great changes you and your son are doing, and hope there isn’t a D-Diagnosis at any point down the road. Good luck, and I’ll look forward to seeing you around the Diabetes Online Community.

    • Thanks Mike
      While I sometimes do blame myself for where he is weight wise as well as activity wise its only natural for a parent to do that when their kid is somehow afflicted, it only makes it worse for me being a diabetic and knowing that he has all the risk factors. At this point we are on pins and needles till we get the results and hopefully it is good news because I do not wish diabetes on anyone, leave alone my son….so fingers crossed until then…..p/s: the term pre diabetes is thrown around a lot lately too and like you said it is being pre diabetes is only a defining threat if one does not do whats necessary to avoid full blown diabetes.


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