No pain No Gain


no pain no gain No pain No GainHave you ever used a muscle stimulator to relieve muscle pain?

Well I am about to.

Never has a Motto so resonated with me as “No pain no Gain“ one in the last few days.

 I am  trying to Recover from my recent foray into the northeast ohio tour de cure and Yes I am in pain, NO scratch that.. I am in Sooo MUCH PAIN.

Every part of me aches, My muscles ache, my joints ache, even my brain seems to ache. I don’t know if the combination of lack of training and just getting old has caught up with me or maybe its the fact that I spent the best part of the last few months with an aversion to anything resembling a fitness routine, but I sure am paying for it now though…..

 As a diabetic, I am somewhat used to certain level of discomfort, the daily lancet pricks and insulin injections can makes my life a tad uncomfortable especially for one needle phobic as myself but I have come to accept these joys of my life.  

No pain no gain huh?

 I for one should have a huge gain by now but  is my gain physical, mental or even emotional? and can I gain without  the pain?

 A certain celebrity trainer actually believes this motto to be a myth and am not entirely in disagreement.

My feveret search for relief in these last agonizing four days has led to me down a path of  Muscle Stimulators  and  TENS Units for my aching soul.

lg combo unit No pain No GainAn LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator could work wonders for me at this point says the online customer blog on my Visit  to LGMedSupply Online, a website that sells the muscle stimulator’s.

Actually aside from this thing, I saw once on the home shopping network a few years back that was supposed to stimulate my ab muscles into a sick six pack, this is a foreign concept to me.

It does however have an all too familiar feeling to it in the name of  relief from  diabetes and those pesky high blood sugars, a battle with which I have quite a stranglehold. 

Sometimes the search for diabetic  relief will take you down an unexpected path, I always tell people that diabetes is unique to every individual and there is no cookie cutter solution to it, managing diabetes effectively requires a custom made plan tailored to each persons needs.

 Tomorrow I am getting back on the iron horse for no other reason than to get my fitness back on track, pain or no pain coz maybe therein lies my gain

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