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natural diabetes treatmant too 300x300 Natural Diabetes TreatmentNatural Diabetes treatment is the practice of using Natural supplements as an addition to our diabetes medication and Insulin therapies in the hope of controlling our blood glucose levels and preventing long term complications. Last week I read an article in the Newyork Times about supplements containing contaminants and I was very intrigued, I have been a believer of natural diabetes remedies for a long time and I still to this day use regular supplements and multivitamins as part of my diabetes management.

My thoughts on the subject have always been that a natural diabetes treatment is essential to diabetes management and it should not be easily dismissed, now to each his own, I know friends who do not use supplements and those who swear by them.

The article quoted a few studies that found some alarming issues with supplements and the industry as a whole and here are the major few

  1. Supplements contained dangerous levels of contaminants such as lead.
  2. Illegal health claims
  3. Illegal ingredients like steroids not disclosed on labels.
  4. Lack of industry oversight by the FDA
  5. Lack of industry self-regulation

The lack of industry oversight in the natural diabetes treatment market is always somewhat troubling and I am no champion of self regulation because we have seen how the propensity of greed has lead to colossal mistakes in other industries and without the threat of punishment it is just too easy to cut corners.

I decided to ran a risk versus rewards experiment and posed this question on, How many of us use diabetes supplements in one form or another on a daily basis and after reading the study would it deter anyone from using natural diabetes treatment.

The answers were varied in the sense of how many use natural diabetes treatment and  to what they use the supplements for. Most interesting was BSC who wrote

“I take enough supplements that at times I have a hard time getting them all down. Primarily:

8-10 fish oil gelcaps
8,000 IUs vit D
Mega Vit-b12
Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium
R-ala and Biotin
Flaxseed oil

I’ve tried others in the past with no long term success.”

While none of those who participated in the discussion were deterred from using natural diabetes treatment even with the danger of contamination one of the issues I observed was the fact that few if non of the respondents used supplements targeted at directly controlling blood glucose levels.

We had multivitamins, fish oils, flax seed oils, coconut oils just to name a few, all these supplements are used to treat the other diabetes related maladies like blood pressure, cardiovascular health, cholesterol and Inflammation.

Take Nopalea for example it is wellness drink sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus which helps your body neutralize its inner toxins and reduce its inflammation. Because the link between  Inflammation and Insulin Resistance is well established one would see how a treatment that targets Inflammation is essential for type 2 diabetes management.

I for one take Chromium capsules which increase insulin sensitivity and  this has led me to add a follow up question to the discussion.

Does anyone use any natural diabetes treatment s used in controlling blood glucose levels directly and if so which ones and how effective are they?

Disclaimer: PayPerPost is not affiliated with Trivita/Nopalea.

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  1. A number of promising studies have suggested that Aloe Vera gel may be useful in managing diabetes naturally. Compounds in Aloe are thought to stimulate the production of insulin and enable the body to more process glucose more efficiently.
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  2. I am so moved by all your articles especially this one. You know a lot of those who has diabetes or chronic diseases tend to forget the power of herbal medicine and natural healing.


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