My kids are sabotaging my diet plan


icecream My kids are sabotaging my diet planMy kids are the greatest things in the world and I love them to death but the little rascals are doing major damage to my diabetic diet plan and I am beginning to think it is by design.

Last night at the dinner table, as usual am trying to cox my 2 year old into eating his dinner and I say the most typical line that I have heard from other parents countless of times.

” Do you know that there are kids in Africa starving right now coz they don’t have enough to eat ?” I said and the significance of it all did not dawn on me until my oldest who is nine quickly asked ” Hey dad did you starve all the time growing up”?

Now my oldest has been with me the longest and I have been successful at instilling my eating  habits which may or may not be a good thing, but my soon to be wife has two other boys, a six year old and the 2 year old who have a particularly hard time eating regular meals at the dinner table but tend to like snacks which in on itself is not a bad thing but you can only have so many healthy snacks, real wholesome meals are a necessity.

I happen to be the only diabetic in my nucleus family circle and as much as I impose the healthy eating habits for my family, I cannot make them partake on my diabetic diet.

So my wife cooks regular but healthy meals and just limits or restricts the carbs on my plate which I think is fair for most part.

My personal philosophy is that kids should have a healthy diet with moderate snacking alternatives.

I will for example let them have regular ice cream of their choice and have candy but in moderation.

This has made an adjustment to my diet plan necessary however.

First of all  I grew up in Africa and I was one of those so called starving kids but I must say that I never starved a single day in my life.

Ok so I have seen those kids on TV with the flies in their eyes and I know their are millions of people in Africa and the world today but my point is that it did not happen to me, not every kid in Africa is starving and I was kinda befuddled into trying to explain this to my oldest while preserving the impact of the statement to them.

It was the impact that  mattered in this scenario however to try and get them to eat that I kinda had to do the explaining of that question at a later time when he was alone.

Like most of us I was taught to finish the food on the plate and portion counting is somewhat critical to me now with my diabetes diet plan, but lately with the two younger boys who are having a hard time clearing their plates, it seems that I have become the proverbial plate cleaner for them and for the  love of me I cannot stand seeing food go to waste for obvious reasons. As much as I try I will end up eating it instead and there goes the bulk of my portion constraints and carbs intake.

Now many will say, why don’t you just include this variable in your meal planning but to me its a lesser of two evils option because if I do this and start with a lessor portion, I risk being not full at the end of dinner and reaching for the second plate or snack for  a slippery slope into binging  and that is a worse outcome.

Truth be told, that is a genuine fear for me and I will not risk it at any cost. I think maybe I should get  a dog to do the dirty work for me coz this is becoming a somewhat contentious issue.

I am a weak man I must admit, the success of my diabetes meal plan was hinged on removing all the temptations from my pantry with the out of sight out of mind adage and I must say that it was working out well for most of the time until now so I am fighting temptations daily, and I hope I win, I think I will be a better man for it.

I love my kids to death but for now they are destroying my diabetes diet, but I cant blame them in the end it is up to me to get things sorted out and back to it because ultimately they are very well intentioned enablers and it is still up to me to make the adjustment.

Diabetes management should never be set in stone because life happens and one needs to be able to adjust a diabetes meal plan for long term success.

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