My big blue test


The big blue test 217x300 My big blue test

Photo courtesy of Diabetes Hands Foundation

So I did my Big blue test today

What is the big blue test you ask?

The Big blue test is a endeavor of Manny Hernandez and the diabetes hands foundation team but to truly explain what it is, I will steal his words because they do it more justice than my own would.

The Big Blue Test is a diabetes awareness program started by the nonprofit Diabetes Hands Foundation, that takes place every November leading up to World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14. The campaign reinforces the importance of exercise in managing diabetes. People with diabetes are encouraged to do the Big Blue Test any day between November 1 and November 14 at midnight Pacific Time, by testing their blood sugar, getting active, testing again, and sharing the results online at

Still need some convincing, well it is also for a good cause…

In 2011, in connection with the number of people that do the Big Blue Test, another donation from Roche Diabetes Care will benefit more than 8,000 people with diabetes in need. Five nonprofit organizations focused on helping underserved areas with a high incidence of diabetes in the United States will each receive $10,000, while $25,000 will go to support the work in Latin America by the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Programme.

So how about it?

Why don’t you go and do the Big Blu test right now.

Its OK I can wait, Go do it right now

Then come back after and we can compare the results.

Here is how its done.

  1. Test your blood sugars
  2. Do 15 minutes of physical activity
  3. Test your blood sugars again
  4. Share your results at
As for my results….drum roll please
A whooping  44 point drop in 12 minutes
The results were unbelievable to me too, so I did the test twice and sure enough 44 points. I honestly can’t remember the last time this happened, but then again I have never tested 15 minutes after I start my daily  exercise. So it is either plausible or it could as well be some kind of fluke but either way it just made my day nonetheless.
  1. My exercise of choice was Cycling
  2. The Big blue Test T shirt that you see above is available for sale at the DHF Web-store.
big blue test before 300x225 My big blue test

Big Blue test Before

big blue test after 300x225 My big blue test

Big Blue test after

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  1. Way to go, Ronnie!! :)

  2. I spent my exercise time vacuuming my apartment and saw a similar drop. Crazy what a little exercise will do, eh?!

    • Indeed Sara, I ride for hours every day partly because I enjoy doing it and partly because I have always figured that it takes a bit longer for the fitness activity to be effective. I never really perceived the idea of rapid fitness effectiveness to be for me but this has changed my views completely…

  3. Great job Ronnie!

  4. Way to go!

    I haven’t done mine yet this year, but last year I did a 15 minute Leslie Sansone workout DVD and my blood sugar went UP 30 points.

    I’m waiting until a slightly more normal time of the week (the middle of the week is severe sleep deprivation for me) to try it, but I won’t be surprised to see a similar result. Exercise always makes me go up. I actually bolus a little insulin before I do a lengthy exercise session or go on a long grocery shopping trip because otherwise I shop for a few hours and end up feeling really lousy in the check-out line, test, and see that I’m around 180.

    I visited my diabetes educator on Monday and we were looking over my charts and trying to figure out what’s going on with me and finally she said, “you just don’t do anything the normal way, do you?” No…..I guess I don’t. *sigh*

    Makes it a lot harder to keep things in control because so much of the standard advice doesn’t work right for me.

    • Thanks sparrow
      Its interesting that you say that about your sugars going up coz I had the same experience a couple of years back when I changed up my work out routine.
      I posed the question on Tudiabetes way back when, here is the link. The answers are pretty insightful

      • Thanks for the link! I’ll go check it out. My educator said that I’m not her only client who goes up wtih exercise, so I know I’m not alone there, but it can still be frustrating when everyone else goes down or even low when they exercise!

        Off to read the board now. Thanks!

  5. Congrats, Ronnie!
    I’m very impressed with you!!!

  6. Great job on that test and BG drop, Ronnie! Yes, it’s very amazing to see what exercise can do. I’ve done a handful of the tests during the past couple weeks and have noticed generally a little difference up or down, with a few significant changes in both directions. Weird BG happenings are part of the mystery and fun of the test, I think! Thanks for sharing this, my friend, and I hope all is well on your end!

  7. I am not doing the big blue bogus test. I don’t see the hype.
    I am happy you did it since you felt the need.

    • It would more interesting to test your BS levels while fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This is when I really learn about my body and how food may actually tax my body.

      • I always figured Ramadan would be really hard on a diabetic because of fasting all day and then eating after the sun goes down, right before going to bed and sleeping on all that undigested food.

        • I cant pretend to understand how life for a diabetic is during Ramadan but my friend Chrystal AKA Sexy Diabetic is and has written extensively about it on her blog. here is the link

  8. Thank you for your thoughtful present of having written this article. The message seems to be given to me specifically. Our son also had a lot to learn from this – though he was the individual that found your site first. Most of us can’t imagine a more superb present than a gift to encourage that you do more.


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