A case of the migraines


migraine 300x203 A case of the migraines Let me throw a wacky fact at ya. Did you know that when I have one of those piercing migraines, my vision becomes 20/20?

Honest, scouts honor, cross my heart and hope to die! I am not kidding you.

Last night I started having this hot nail in the head driving migraine headache, I removed my glasses and kinda pinched the bridge of my nose (habit) but when I went to put my glasses back on, everything was fuzzy, so I take the glasses off and what do you know I could see as clear as day. Shocking but true, Usually it is the exact opposite.

On Tv: “Do you desire 20/20 vision? Glasses, contacts or laser surgery just not working for you? Well we have the perfect solution for your vision problems. Just one pill a day Stil’trep will give you the perfect vision you have always wanted. Now available for just 29.99 a dose.

Disclaimer – Side effects Include splitting migraines and the worst headaches of your life.

Once daily Stil’trep for all your vision needs.”

Seriously though..

I don’t know about you but for me every  Ailment I have, I instinctively try to find out the symbiotic relationship it has with my diabetes above and beyond the, how will the ailment and treatment  affect my blood sugars kinda way.headaches A case of the migraines

Almost  everything that happens to my body has more to do with diabetes than anything else.

Not saying that the knee I scrapped falling off my bike the other day had anything to do with diabetes but then again I was on the bike trying to get those pesky blood sugars in check so in a roundabout kinda way I could blame the Diabetes for it.

The proverbial question then becomes, Is there a  direct link between diabetes and migraines?

My research led me to a study by a 1984 study (prevalence of migraine in diabetic patients)  by W K Burn, D Machin, and W E Waters which concluded that by n by patients with diabetes have a lesser prevalence of migraines 17% than patients without 29% of course other important factors like age and sex played a key role in the study as well. Please read the full study conclusions for the associated factors.

But just because there is a less prevalence of migraines in people with diabetes does not mean they do not happen on a frequent basis I might add.

The most common correlation between diabetes and migraines  is cases of high blood sugars causing migraines, but they do share common triggers or interrelated  events as well.

Common Triggers of Migraines are: stress, depression, certain medications or foods (MSG, chocolate, wine, and cheeses), hormonal disorders, lack of sleep, changes in the blood flow pattern of the brain which as you can see are encompassed in most diabetes related symptoms.


To avoid Migraines do the following

  1. Coral those high blood sugars.
  2. Try not to eat foods with MSG, cheeses (especially aged), wine and chocolate.
  3. Take  frequent breaks at work.
  4. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Do not skip meals.
  6. Get a good night sleep.
  7. Drink enough water during the day so you keep hydrated.
  8. Exercise regular and consistently.
Any of this sound familiar?
That’s probably because these are probably the same things you have to do to keep your diabetes under control.
Well as with everything diabetes it is probably a lot easier said than done so any chronic migraine sufferers out there, please share your story with us and let us know how you treat it.





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  1. My grandmother has diabetes. She often has migraine especially because she can not sleep at night. I provide now many mineral water at her room so she can drink water in the middle of the night when she can not sleep.


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