Some true and tried methods for Managing diabetes from a suitcase.


managing diabetes suitcase Some true and tried methods for Managing diabetes from a suitcase.Have you ever taken a long vacation or been away from your regular diabetes routine for an extended period of time?

Well then you might understand the situation I have been in the last few weeks. While I haven’t been on vacation  far from it,

I recently  spent about 4 weeks on a friend’s couch while I was looking for a new apartment, coincidentally the next 4 weeks proceeding my eventual move to the new place happened to be the beginning of   the US tax season, the busiest time of year for me and I have been playing catch up ever since. To this day, I haven’t unpacked any boxes except my emergency stuff and even though I filled up my refrigerator on day one just on excitement alone I haven’t managed to  unpack a single pot or pan. In essence I am still managing diabetes from a suitcase in my own apartment.

A few things to consider when managing diabetes out of a suitcase.

Having a Set routine is important for any effective diabetes management formula to work and the pivotal cog in said routine is an efficient and well drawn out plan.

Lets take the diabetic diet for example, I plan and sometimes cook my meals a week in advance. Some of the meals I will cook and then freeze them in portioned bags. Doing  this not only simplifies my life quite a bit, but also keeps me on the right path.

I can tell pretty quickly without having to calculate each individual meal at a time how many carbs I consume a day when I follow my meal plan to the letter. This makes dieting a breeze, my routine that much easier and it is quite a time saver as well.

Moving into with my buddy’s house  obviously meant  I couldn’t do this for obvious reasons, first I did not have enough room to store all my foods and I did not want to impose more than I already did. med id bracelet Some true and tried methods for Managing diabetes from a suitcase.

This same predicament is also true when you are on vacation and have no access to cooking and storage  facilities, and that does not mean take a vacation from diabetes as well it just means you have to be a bit more creative with your diabetes management and below are a few tips to help with that.

  • Research and preparation- When managing diabetes from a suitcase, planning becomes that much more crucial.
  1. With a limit on cooking and storage facilities for example means researching the local cuisine and the extent of accommodation for a diabetic. Tasting the local cuisine is a huge part of the vacation experience but do it cautiously.
  2. I realized that my biggest problem became Snacking. Finding snacks that are carb conscious and packing these was important. Not having to pack a lunch meant I didn’t pack  the snacks either and when it came time to snack I found myself settling for the unhealthy ones and this was just counter intuitive.
  3. Are there fitness/gym facilities in the area or are there enough physical activities planned in the day.
  4. Can the local Medical Services equipped or have experience dealing with diabetic emergencies.
  5. Take a medical ID bracelet with you, it could be a life saver.
  • Sticking to a routine Sticking to a routine does not just mean your medication routine but also everything else that comes with diabetes management. Like Eating meals and exercising at the same times you usually do will keep your body acclimated to the regular diabetes life.
  • Emergency Kit – Keeping your diabetes emergency kit with you at all times is important for those unforeseen emergencies.
  • Stress Busters - Remember you are a way for a few weeks either on vacation or due to other circumstances and take the time to enjoy yourself because diabetes will always be waiting for you when you get back.

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  1. I believe I can think about this various ways. Thanks much for submitting it.

  2. Hi, my situation is profoundly interesting as well

  3. I found researching cuisine was what worked best for me. I stayed at an all inclusive in Mexico and although the staff were great, they didn’t always know exactly what was in the food! Learning about how they prepared items and what to expect (generally) I was able to have a good time and try some yummy new foods. I wish diabetes management could take a holiday too.

    • Thanks for the insight Erin, and its true the only way to truly manage diabetes from a suitcase is being well prepared especially when one is away from their regular environment. Your vacation story cements this point, being prepared allowed you to enjoy the local cuisine whilst still managing your diabetes effectively and am sure you had fun in the process as well.

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