managing diabetes thru the flu season


diabetes flu 130x300 managing diabetes thru the flu seasonI will admit it, I hate the Flu. I do!! But I hate the flu shot even more.

Last year following the advice of my doctor and her “diabetics have a compromised immune system mantra” I balked and for the first time in my life, I took the flu shot.

I have a fair understanding of how a vaccine works but I swear and this is not just me talking here but the damn flu shot made me sicker flu wise than I have ever been in my entire life. To make matters worse, it barely prevented me from catching the flu bug twice last year If I remember correctly, so sorry no flu shots for me, I will just suffer this flu I have had for the last couple of days and fight it the best way I know how.

With the Robitussin and a whole lot of vitamin C.

A Cortisol problem.

I am always feeling  hungry when I have the flu which is a big problem being diabetic.

The reason I feel hunger is because when  sick the body responds with inflammation to help heal itself. In response to inflammation  Cortisol is produced which then raises your blood sugar. This in turn depletes any Insulin in the body fighting off the high sugars and to replace the lost insulin my body cries out for more carbs/food.

A vicious cycle indeed.

So you see even the common cold/ flu has a different impact for a diabetic than it would a normal person. Obviously since my blood sugar is elevated with the flu, I cannot just simply keep to my regular diet or even get my vitamin C from from Orange juice as is commonly prescribed so what am I to do.

Of course there is diabetic friendly over the counter medication that one can take and or a few herbal remedies. I for one do combine these two to help me fight off the flu.

  1. For the snot factory I use a mixture of Mix 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in 8 ounces of warm water which I squirt up the nose to thin out the mucus.
  2. Hot steaming bath will also help with a congested nose/ I add some Ginger or Vicks vapor rub to the water
  3. Sugar free cough syrup which I add to my green tea
  4. Some Hot chicken  soup to sooth my throat
  5. Plenty of fluids
  6. Plenty of Bed Rest
Hopefully this will be my first and last bout of the flu this season (fingers crossed) but I know with the up and down yo yo that is the Cleveland weather am sure that it wont be.


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  1. Never thought of putting the cough syrup in my tea – great idea! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Wow, where do you get that cough syrup? When I saw the picture, I thought it was a joke graphic because last year I went to Walgreen’s, WalMart, Fred Meyer, and Albertson’s trying to find a sugar-free, low/zero carb cough syrup and there was nothing. If it’s a mail-order product, I ought to stock up before I need it!

    I ended up going with medicinal herbal teas in pharmaceutical strength, which worked pretty good but only so long as I had a hot cup to sip on.

  3. Ronnie,

    I definitely agree with #2. Vaporub is a must have, especially when used with a vaporizer! It’s one of those things that helps me sleep through the night when I’m really sick.


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