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Even though type 2 diabetes has no permanent cure, there are several ways to manage type 2 diabetes through the use of alternative therapies and life style changes. Here is a look at some simple tips that you can incorporate in your life to control type 2 diabetes.

Continual care is an integral part of type 2 diabetes management. Ensure that you are always ahead of the disorder through regular health checks.

Visit your diabetes care provider and your doctor once every three months and make sure that your quarterly checks include Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c). This is the weighted average of our blood sugar level for three months. Through this test the doctor will be able to measure the extent to which the glucose in your system adheres to the red blood cells. Also, this tests gives an overview of the other cells which are being affected by the blood glucose.

If you have a high HbA1c, this is indicative of a high level of long term complication risk. Ideally, your HbAlc should be less than 7% to keep long term health implications of type diabetes away. So it is essential to get this test done once every three months to manage type 2 diabetes

Regular blood pressure checks are also equally important, fortunately, you can get home blood pressure and blood glucose monitors which can save you a trip to the doctors. However, do not forget to make a note of your blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Regular foot and skin examination should be done at home to prevent the occurrence of sores and other wounds

Ensure that you go for regular ophthalmoscope examinations to manage type 2 diabetes and its effects on your eyes.

Neurological examinations should also form a part of your regimen to manage type 2 diabetes effectively.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes you can prevent a lot of complication by controlling some of the effects of the ailment at the onset to prevent complications in future.

Type 2 diabetes is a terrifying disease, but one that can be held under control. In some cases patients reverse diabetes type 2 with a strict diet. To learn more about type 2 diabetes and how natural remedies can help and get a free ebook that explains more about type 2 diabetes and natural remedies visit

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