Announcement: kids fitness and a moment of conflict


kids fitness 300x253 Announcement: kids fitness and a moment of conflictKids Fitness is one of the core values of the healthy kids healthy weight program and we have been using football as the out for to cover this portion of kids fitness as most parent across America are doing.

The good news, Re has been slotted in as the starting center for the Lions, just about 3 weeks into training camp and before contact drills. I couldn’t have been prouder of him if I tried to. He has made a ton of friends already and has quickly embraced the kids fitness portion beyond my expectations, this in his first year of peewee football and any organized football activities for that matter.

Now Everyone says just be happy because he is getting a hell of an experience and participating in a kids  fitness program which is great. We are building a better foundation for the future but it is a peek into this future that has me a bit conflicted.

Its silly I know as matter of fact at this he wants to be a pro cyclist when he grows up more than he wants the football career, he is always begging me  to incorporate cycling into the kids fitness program by ambushing me every morning to let him come riding with me and I have to explain to him that he cant keep up with me yet, and  here in lies my dilemma with making football a part of my  kids fitness.

As I had noted earlier, the center position on the team is his to loose and as his dad I want him to be the best center he can be, I have already started adding some drills and hiking the ball after practice but in the midst of all this, if indeed he does catch on and does an exceptional job,

He will be labeled, A center.

He will get comfortable in the position, he will be recruited in the same position as well, I can just see him now as the starting center of the Cleveland Browns in 2010…lol

Have you seen the current starting center of the Cleveland Browns however,

alex mack Announcement: kids fitness and a moment of conflict

  • Alex Mack   #55
  • Center
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 311
  • Born: Nov 19, 1985 – Santa Barbara, CA
  • College: California
  • Draft: 2009 – 1st round (21st pick) by the Cleveland Browns

Yes this is all hypothetical but would I be remiss as a parent in not encouraging his passion in life and encouraging what he loves to make the kids fitness portion as easy as possible.

The whole point of the kids fitness however is to get him to a healthy weight, and to me a football behemoth 6’4″ 311 pounds just does not spell it.

These guys are urged to pack on the pounds to make the team and anyone under 300 pounds is considered not heavy enough and what happens after an NFL career is even more frightening with all the ailments associated not only with playing such a brutal sport  but carrying that weight around. A recent ESPN study showed  double the  mortality rate of heavier players at age 50 for the heavier players than other players.

This is what he has to look forward to if we continue down this road and while it might be far fetched, it is also a possibility and in there lies my conflict.

My kids fitness is very important to me that’s a given and we are just touching down on this journey back to health but the steps I make as parent, at this impressionable age will not only lay a foundation but also guide him forward to healthier alternatives. At the core of the healthy kids healthy weight program is teaching the kids fitness as well as making healthier choices in their diet as well and I am hoping that I am making the right decisions all I can really say is I hope the kids fitness program I have chosen is the right one and that I am making good choices for him, just another stressful day  in my diabetic life.

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