How to get an insulin pump if are a type 2 diabetic


type 2 diabetes insulin pump How to get an insulin pump if are a type 2 diabetic If you are an insulin dependent  type 2 diabetic and have to take multiple shots a day, you might think that your diabetes management would be that much easier if you got to use an insulin pump.

While it is possible to get an insulin pump if you are a type 2 diabetic, be ready to jump through a lot of  hoops however.

An insulin pump is a vital component for type 1 diabetic’s, it comes with a standard diagnosis and regular prescription of diabetes management tools but the story is different for type 2 diabetics and some have gone as far as calling it type 2 diabetes discrimination but the truth is simply that an Insulin pump costs the upward of 8k and insurance companies concerned with their bottom line will fight tooth and nail for  the insulin pump if they consider it unnecessary and they do in most cases.

Even though more and more type 2 diabetics are getting the insulin pump at diagnosis or after the syringe becomes ineffective.

In my earlier post Pump Therapy – the wish list of a type 2 diabetic, I chronicled my wish  to get on a pump because of its many benefits and now that I am Insulin dependent, this issue has been weighing on me more and more lately.

I have had preliminary talks with my endo and we are in agreement that if the current therapy doesn’t work then we will look into it further, meanwhile I have been researching and streamlining the process so its smooth sailing.

So here are a few tips on how to get an insulin pump if you are a type 2 diabetic

  1. The easiest way to get an insulin  pump is to recruit your endocrinologist, they will help you in your fight with the insurance companies, most will give you one if your doctor certifies the need for it.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your insurance company  policies about the insulin pump for type 2 diabetics, as with many insurance company policies, loop holes always exist and knowing how to navigate them will get you one.
  3. If you are on medicare then you will need to take a C-peptide test (among other things)which is commonly used to differentiate between type 1 or type 2 but medicare will offer one if your levels are 100-110% below recommended normal levels
  4. The C-peptide test is not just for medicare, more and more companies are requiring this test before they sell you the pump or pump supplies.
  5. Pump makers are ally as well and they will be able to recommend resources that will help you in getting the pump, I have heard of the ping one touch makers sending you to a doctor (near you) who will prescribe that pump for you.

Be ready for a fight, Insurance companies know that it will adversely affect their bottom line if they hand out insulin pumps for type 2 diabetics without making them fight for it  and in this case your doctor will be a great ally if he is not willing to help then you can always look for another who will.

Good luck and good hunting

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