Glycemic Index Diet – Developed As a Tool to Help Diabetics Manage Their Blood Sugar Control


First of all, the Glycemic Index Diet was designed to help diabetics manage blood sugar control; however, it has gained increasing popularity even with non-diabetics. It is a diet that views the importance of ranking carbohydrate foods in accordance to the food’s ability to raise the person’s blood sugar levels. People who strive to lose weight are finding help and sense in Glycemic Index diet. This is not actually surprising for this diet has been used as the basis of several popular weight loss diets, such as the South Beach, the Zone, Sugar Busters, Glucose Revolution, and Ending the Food Fight, endorsed today.

Its fame has been boosted by testimonials that low-GI foods are helpful in controlling appetite and weight and may also be useful for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The main thought is that low-GI foods are ingested more slowly, permitting dieters to feel full longer and preventing them from overeating.

The Glycemic Index diet encourages its followers to prefer carbohydrate foods with low glycemic index because they are healthier, more abundant in nutrients, less refined, and higher in fiber content. Fruits vegetables and beans are among the primary foods on the list.

Doctor David Ludwig, MD, PhD, the author of Ending the Food Fight, states that food with higher glycemic index compel a rise in blood sugar, followed by an outpouring of hormonal changes that tend to make people hungry again. Also, higher GI foods are metabolized more quickly compared to low GI foods.

Diabetics are having more difficulties with high GI foods primarily because their bodies have trouble regulating blood sugar. According to them, if the Glycemic Index diet works effectively to help diabetics control blood sugar, then there is no reason why it should not work for weight control. Of course, Ludwig and most GI diet plans recommend getting involved in regular physical exercise and eating moderate quantities of lean protein and healthy fats.

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  1. Here is the glycemic index food chart that will help you to decide what to eat. The number given in the chart is indicative of the glycemic level present in the food stuff. Higher the level risky it is for diabetic patients. Lower the level indicates low glycemic presence that is helpful to high blood sugar body.


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