The End of a diabetic friendship


end friendship The End of a diabetic friendship

One of my Diabetic friendships has come to an end.

Severing a friendship is never the easiest thing in the world but when someone acts in deterrent to the friendship then it is better to just end it.

As much as I love cycling, I am still very much a recreational cyclist and I know this, so when one of my diabetic buddies who I usually ride with asked me to join him in a race, I was excited but somewhat hesitant.

I mean this was an actual professional UCI (USA cycling) sanctioned race. A race which frankly a bunch of amateurs had no business being in but they will give single day racing licences for those interested in trying out.

He figured it would be a fun thing to do, and if we actually finished the race then it would be something to pat ourselves in the back. A bucket list kinda thing..

He informed me of the race about a week before it was to happen but on the day before the race, he came to me and asked to borrow the money for the racing fees since he did not have any. Thinking back,It didn’t really bother me as much because he was a friend after all and I was kinda excited to try it by then. I have loaned him money in the past and in fact he still owed me money at the time.

I didn’t really pay much attention to the particulars since I was invited. I figured he had all the logistical issues covered. So the night before the race I looked at the location only to realize that it was only about 5 miles from my apartment. But he had asked me to meet him at his which was 15 miles in the opposite direction.

Again he insisted on me meeting him at his apartment so we could ride and arrive together, No big deal.

We had to be there at 7am for registration. So I am out of my apt at 6am and at his about 630am. Meanwhile when I left my apt I called him and informed him that I was on my way.

Still I sat outside his apt until 7am waiting for him to get ready. I on the other hand, I was only half ready. By the time we make it to the Race its about 730am and I find out that the race was supposed to start at 8am.

I pay and then run around like crazy trying to get ready.

I ask him what time it is in the middle of it and he tells me it is 7:50 am, I figure I have a few more minutes but not 10 seconds later I look up and the guy is hastily riding off without a single word to me.

I yell at him but he doesn’t even bother to look back and a quick glance at the watch tells me why, it is actually 7:58am.

I hastily put on my helmet, I cant get one of my contact lenses to get in place so I leave it.
I cant easily attach my number to the jersey so I grasp it between my teeth and ride off to the starting line.
I am at least 2 minutes late and by then everyone is gone.

The organizers wont let me start until I have the number attached to my jersey, so a volunteer runs over to help.
I can hear someone Snickering in the background while I am seriously contemplating on not doing this, but DAMN IT I just paid freaking $80 bucks!!! so there is no way I am just giving that up.

What a start to my first official race..

My official time, not recorded his official time not recorded. I come in dead last he comes in about 5 slots above me maybe 2 riders did not finish.

Hell Yes!! I finished the race so kudos to me.

His explanation..

If he wasn’t gonna be at the starting line then, then he wasn’t gonna go at all…

Are you kidding me?

Dude first of all if it wasn’t for me paying for this thing, you would not even be here.
second if it wasn’t for your slow, procrastinating ass we would have been here on time to start the damn race. Oh by the way, a heads up would have been nice that we were running out of time. Or the fact that you had no snow balls chance in hell of even being in the vicinity of the real racers even if you had a weeks head start.

There are rules to these things and like the marines one of those is you never leave your bro behind, especially since he was the main reason you were able to race to begin with.

So basically all you did was say F!#@$ You Ronnie am gonna do what am gonna do.

To me that was the most selfish of things someone can do.

I mean with friends like these who freakn needs enemies.

Someone does something like that and as much as they try to apologize after, all You keep thinking is what happens next time? when in the back of your mind you basically know that in all seriousness they absolutely do not have your back.

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  1. kudos for finishing the race and getting rid of a no good friend. Too bad it had to happen like that

  2. It does suck to sever friendships, but sounds like this one really had to end. And seriously, congrats on finishing the race! I’ve just gotten back on a bicycle for the first time in 15 yrs, and after 8 yrs. of chronic pancreatitis and being very inactive. Its totally kicking my butt, but (butt, but…haha! I’m so glad I amuse myself) I’m determined to go a bit more each time out.

  3. Bummer on the crappy behavior from that guy. But props to you for stepping up to do the race when invited, and for finishing it!! You rule, Ronnie, and that’s all there is to it. The rest? Minor details. Thanks for sharing this, despite all the headaches it may have caused. You now have a great item in the bucket list of accomplishments!!


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