When do diabetes treatments become overkill? diabetes reflections 6


diabetes treatment When do diabetes treatments become overkill? diabetes reflections 6I am writing a book!!!!

Yes you heard me right, I am writing a book.

Actually its gonna be one of a kind (as in its my first official e-book) and absolutely free to my readers. I am calling the book 10 critical diabetes tests your doctor should be performing.

The book covers some of the most common diabetes related tests that every diabetic should know about and should be asking for if their doctors are not performing them.

I don’t know about you but since my diabetes diagnosis, I have become a sponge where diabetes  is concerned as  I try to absorb every bit of information on the betes.

I believe that my  health is a number one  concern and I will always  lead the  charge towards a sustainable  well being. The team of  MEDICAL professionals are there to assist  and while  some of the technical health matters might be delegated to them, I am still the quarterback of that team.

In other words I will take any test, probe, needle, prod, cat scan, x-ray, to a logical point,  if it will improve my health.

Am saying all this because this morning a fascinating story caught my eye and as I was reading it I couldn’t help but reflect on the movie  The matrix one of the greatest, ever made. Specifically a scene on the matrix where Morpheus ( Lawrence Fishburn) takes Neo ( Keanu Reeves) to the oracle and at the entrance  he tells him “I can only show you the door Neo, you have to walk through it”, that and one true nature of medical treatment (choice)

The story was from diabetes self management blogger David Spero titled Refusing Medical Treatments and it was about his 89 year old mother in law. To make the long story short (you can follow the link to read the whole story) she was intended to be subjected to a myriad of tests because some hot shot  radiologist saw something on the CAT scan he didn’t like and  which based on her medical history, advanced age, and a simple lack of cooperation from her and the family,  who felt these tests were bordering on invasive.

In this unique case money was not an issue  since the hospital is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) so all the extra tests would have been  covered.

To paraphrase David

“American medicine over treats people every day. It wastes hundreds of billions of dollars for care that nobody wants and that causes more problems than it solves. Because some doctor, who knows a patient only by her CAT scan, thinks he knows better than her or her family what is best for her, and because everyone is afraid of missing something and being sued, and because they believe that if they do their job right, everyone will live forever, people have painful, difficult, expensive medical experiences that often make things worse. Really the only defense you have is to say no, so don’t be afraid to do it!”

Back to the matrix and my book,  My goal  for writing it is simply to make you aware that these ailments commonly affect diabetics,  that diabetics have a compromised immune system that leaves us vulnerable to so many other chronic diseases, so to me these tests are not only necessary but critical as well.

But that  happens to be my opinion, once you are aware they exist, it is up to YOU to make a determination if  the tests and subsequent diabetes treatments become over kill and if you choose to pursue them or not, I can only show you the door……

However do not let money or cost be your one and only motivator when deciding to pursue a test or treatment I don’t have to stress that your health is much more important.

Be Blessed

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  1. I read the David Spero post. I have enjoyed his posts and the other people. I will be most interested in the tests you are recommending to compare them to the ones I ask for regularly.

    I have written about five and a possible sixth one or more here http://bobsdiabetes.blogspot.com/2010/08/five-important-lab-tests-maybe-six-or.html .

    Some of them I don’t have done regularly, but most are yearly.

    • I actually tabulated most of the common tests as well as some of the commonly ignored ones like… Mental/psychological testing. Depression a is very common complication but most of the time it is after the symptoms manifest themselves that anything is done. While we cannot screen for pre
      depression symptoms per se. A good psychologist should be one of the key pieces of the medical team but they are usually not. So while not a test in the sense of the word, i included it for its importance.


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