Are you a diabetes specialist?


reserved for Ronnie Gregory DS 200x300 Are you a diabetes specialist?There is something to be said about life experiences.

Growing up in Africa above all else my mother preached the importance of education, so she always had us watching college graduation ceremonies whenever they were shown on TV just to hammer the point home.

Mind you we had only about 5 public universities so the president would attend all these ceremonies and what especially caught my eye over and above all the pompous and circumstance was the fact that at every instance of a graduation, they bestowed upon him a doctorate of some kind.

Now I knew these old politicians  barely had a high school  education between them, so as a kid I was very perplexed at their level of education and I used to see them as the smartest people alive. That was long before I learned about the term Honorary Degree and its precious precious accolades.

I tell  this story only because I somewhat feel  I can relate to the  ONE intriguing rationale behind these events, since I think that there is something to be said about life experiences.

Honorary Degrees  are bestowed as honors for making major contributions to a certain field regardless of any post secondary education in that particular subject  or any mental or physical skills for that matter.

Have your experiences with diabetes made you a diabetes specialist?

I have been a diabetic for 13 years now and in that span, I have lived and breathed this disease, 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

So lets do a little math and see what interesting number that adds up to

diet coke stacks 300x225 Are you a diabetes specialist?

888 gallons of diet coke

  1. 4,745 days your average college undergrad degree takes 1460 days at best
  2. 23,725 test strips (average of 5 a day)
  3. 4,745,000 ml of Metformin (average 1000ml a day) equates to 10.5 pounds of  Metformin
  4. 65,700 units of Insulin (Dose 30 units a day for 6 years , there are 100 units per ml)
  5. 3 pounds of cotton swabs
  6. 113,880 ounces of diet coke (average 2 cans a day) equates 888 gallons
  7. $ 2941.9 spent on diet coke (average 12 ounce diet coke can is $31 cents)
  8. 1.18 Liters of blood lost (average drop of blood is 50 ul) ( human body has 5-6 liters of blood)
  9. 96 visits to the D team (endo,optician,dietitian,nutritionist,dentist)
  10. 6,200  mentions of the word diabetes on my blog, 2612 tweets, and countless diabetes related advice given and received

So where are my sweet honorable accolades as a diabetes specialist, because I believe I can educate quite a a few people including some in the medical community about the  ins and outs of Diabetes don’t you?



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  1. Awesome. I love how you did the financial math on the diet coke and not the diabetes supplies. I think I know quite a bit about diabetes and a lot more than most of the GP’s here…however I don’t ever think I could compare myself with a Diabetes Specialist. I don’t know, maybe I am selling myself short!

    • Lol…After all these years, it seems I am qualified to at least call myself one and I do think when you look at it from that perspective, you could be one as well

  2. I love numbers too. The best diabetes management is all about finding a way to figure out how as an individual you can control your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol yet still have fun and enjoy life. I can tell you are having fun with this blog. Enjoy.


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