A Diabetes Snapshot


diabetes snap 225x300 A Diabetes SnapshotToday’s topic for D blog week is diabetes snapshots.

An Image that captures my diabetes life in a snapshot.

Quite a challenge it was because diabetes encompasses so much to be captured in a single frame but here is my attempt at it..

I chose this picture because it represents the  nature of diabetes for me and all of us diabetics.

Last week I had an incident which caused my feet to swell.

Well as of yesterday my feet were still pretty much swollen not as much as the previous week thanks to some water pills but still swollen enough that I couldn’t clip my bike shoes all the way as you can see in the picture I had to leave the top open.

Insert any Metaphor you want here but here is mine.

Diabetes is a 24/7, 365 days a year disease, it takes no breaks and it is not merciful, I have to do everything in my power to fight this beast at its terms even if it means doing my endurance ride on swollen feet and untied shoes. (btw I still managed to do a century ride)

That is what diabetes is to me in a snapshot.



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