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diabetes reflections 2 300x297 Diabetes ReflectionsToday we are launching a new column here at the poor diabetic that I wish to call Diabetes Reflections, this will be a weekly roundup of everything I find interesting and share worthy in the diabetes world. I have diabetes reflections as a regular Friday  issue, and I will be using some cheer and jeer rankings for the stories.

So welcome to the first ever Friday edition of Diabetes Reflections on this a Sunday.


1. Wood Co. Health Dept., U. of Findlay- In October, 2009, health department clinic staff and university pharmacists began working with 22 diabetes patients to help them improve eating habits, track food choices, and monitor blood sugar. A year later, nearly all patients showed improvement.

2. Sir Frederick Banting -90 years ago  Banting came up with the idea of using insulin to treat diabetes.

3. Indy Lights Driver Charlie Kimball- Over the course of the 2010 season, Kimball reached more than 20,000 people through appearances at diabetes expos, visits to hospitals and personal meetings with boys and girls and men and women who have diabetes.


1. The onion on their satirical  of  piece of Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler who is a type 1  Diabetic, while I think those guys are funny as hell, this was just in bad taste. Group Of Kids With Diabetes All Die One Day After Visit From Jay Cutler

2. Sports bar fires employee after stay in hospital: The employee was in the hospital due to complications from type 1 diabetes

3. Glucosamine- A popular supplement used to treat joint problems is linked to an increase in developing diabetes as a new study shows.

More of my diabetes reflections on Friday.

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