Standing at the precipice


diabetes precipice Standing at the precipice Its an unparallelled achievement, A super Jubilee almost, having made it this long with diabetes and with minimal complications. It has been quite a horrendous journey sometimes which has left me in tears both of Joy and Sorrow.

Yet here I stand at a precipice what many would consider a crowning moment eclipsed by those so many years of fighting and all I can think about is my areas of weakness in my diabetes management and how I can improve it.

Why am I  battening down the hatches you ask?

Because this is the topic of reflection on this day for the 2012 diabetes blog week a brainchild of my good friend and fellow D blogger Karen Graffeo of the bitter sweet diabetes blog. Blog Week officially Kicked off on Monday but due to other obligations I couldn’t join In till now. But as they say better late than sorry so here we go.

When you are standing at the peak of a crowning achievement, you can do but two things, either start climbing to higher heights or plunge down to the abyss below.

As a diabetic, I realize that I have been extremely lucky and blessed to have gone this far without any serious complications but that is no guarantee that the future might diabetes bull horn Standing at the precipice be quite as merciful.

In fact these complication free years have done nothing but give more motivation to keep fighting diabetes till the end.

I am  very much a realist odds are that I will probably die from a diabetes related complication  but still I dream of going at 85 with laughter and surrounded by kids and grand kids.

It is the reason why I fight on a daily basis to beat the odds or this hand I have been dealt.

If I could Improve one thing in my diabetes management, it would probably be getting a bigger Megaphone and keep pushing the powers that be for a cure. Helping those without their own words to speak off because without a cure chances are all our dreams for the future will be for naught.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Ronnie. You’re so right, that so much of it is about attitude. We can spend all our lives worrying about What If, but at the end of the day it comes down to dreaming those big dreams and surrounding ourselves with positive energy. I like your attitude on this, and like the idea of continuing to move forward and not falling into that abyss of anxiety and worry.


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