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diabetes police1 268x300 A Jr Diabetes copMy Kingdom is in turmoil, my closest  are plotting against me, spies are everywhere and I have little recourse  but to hunt down those who usurp my authority, it is a time of profound upheaval in this once peaceful nation. Establishing my  mighty rule is becoming  difficult for I have grown from the immortal world greatest dad to a mere mortal.

The William Wallace of this merry band of misfits is non other than Ronnie Jr.

No This isn’t the plot to Brave Heart and am not Edward I of England but inside these 4 walls of the  1200 foot tiny kingdom of Ronnapolis I am the undisputed king.

So I am a little  vexed when the crown prince decided he is the incarnation of  J. Edgar Hoover in a Jr diabetes cop uniform.

It is my fault I suppose for teaching and encouraging him to follow a path to healthier living.

The Diabetes police do not invoke loving feelings from the PWD for they are the Nazi’s in the family even though their methods come from a loving place.

But as much as it irks me sometimes, I could not be any prouder that the son has become a Jr Diabetes Cop.

It simply means that he is embracing  the healthy kids healthy weight program and he is absorbing most of our label reading, portions, carb counting  and other diabetes diet related aspects that I have him observe.

With the Great News last week that he is not pre diabetic, our focus has now shifted to weightloss and healthier diet alternatives.

My diabetic diet is strict enough that I have to allow for a cheat dish once a week. Mostly it has been a desert, the sugar free fat free ice cream is a  favorite.

Last week I was having a discussion on the side effect of the artificial sweeteners found in most sugar free foods, Sorbitol in particular and he must have been listening to the conversation so lo and behold when I went to get my desert he got out his Diabetes police hat and started teaching me on the dangers of artificial sweeteners. From my conversation, he had gone online and researched them.

I got the Sorbitol side effects speech from the diarrhea, to skin rash to extreme weightloss to abdominal bloating, in addition to the fact that my serving was actually adding about 30 grams of unnecessary carbs to my day.

Needless to say now I have to find another cheat dish, thanks to my Jr diabetes police wrapped in a ” I love you DAD, I just want you to be as healthy as you can be.” Who can argue with that logic and those puppy dog eyes.

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  1. Awww, this is so funny and cute! Kudos to you for setting such a good example for your son and family!

  2. I’m impressed:) At least he’s taking an interest. A friend’s 17 year old niece wants to be a nurse, but she doesn’t take interest in her father’s T2 diabetes. Actually, no one does. They only take interest when he faints, or eats dessert. Then they embarrass him by yelling, “You can’t eat that.” Yesterday, I asked BF, “How can your neice have asparations to be a nurse, when she doesn’t even educate herself about her father’s disease?” He had the West Nile virus, a stroke, and now he has failing kidneys. He refuses to seek treatment for dialysis, and they’re at their wits’ end. I suggested that he join tudiabetes, and his wife said, “He doesn’t do Facebook.” That’s the problem-no one listens and no one cares. After explaining the purpose of tudiabetes, she didn’t bother to log on to the site to get more info.


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