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ron 300x225 About Ronnie Gregory MYou are probably wondering who is this guy and why should i listen to what he has to say?

Please give me a moment of your time and i will tell you who I am and why you may Care to listen to what I have to say..

My name is  Ronnie Gregory and I have type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes or Diabetes Insipidus  is a disease that engulfs our lives in any and every conceivable way, I have been a diabetic for about 12 years now as I start this blog.

For those unfamiliar,

Diabetes insipidus is a disease that attacks a person’s ability to synthesize glucose in their blood.

Diabetes insipidus  is the more prevalent kind which is characterized by the body acquiring a resistance to Insulin and is usually treated with oral medications, diet and exercise but with Insulin as well,

I am not FAT or OBESE and never have been, I am fairly active as well but  I still got diabetes in my teen years.

Understanding Diabetes Insipidus

when my  body needs energy, it breaks down food into fuel, however this body of mine has trouble using this fuel it takes in. During Digestion I break down food into a fuel called glucose. and since my body cannot effectively burn off the, glucose( a type of sugar) it builds up in my blood stream and I have to take medicine/ insulin to help break it up or I would be in a heap of troubled complications.

Diabetes Insipidus Complications

If I do not control my long term blood glucose levels I can look forward to some nasty complications thanks to diabetes mellitus like:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Blindness
  3. Liver Failure
  4. Limb amputations
  5. and Death.

Diabetes Insipidus and Me

My history with diabetes Insipidus goes back 12 years and my life has been a  constant struggle to fight it,  my history Includes the following:

  1. I have had to struggle with diabetes insipidus at times without Insurance and I am living proof that diabetes management is possible without it
  2. I have been in denial about my disease and have let it flourish and run rampart in my system and I know of many people who still do the same today.
  3. I have fought those Highs and those lows just like every diabetic I know.
  4. I am a father to a son who I pray never has to fight diabetes mellitus even though he has most of the Risk Factors.
  5. I have lived with the frustration and anger of knowing that diabetes insipidus is  a fear we cannot avoid.
  6. I have managed to overcome my phobia for needles because I have to use them on a daily basis( check that, maybe not so much)
  7. I have gone from an insulin dependent diabetic to just oral medications which was great for the reason outlined above.
  8. I am a pro diabetic but aren’t we all

This is a chronicle of my life with Diabetes Mellitus how I wrestle it on a daily basis.

Diabetes Insipidus and the poor diabetic blog

People always ask me why I chose to be known as the poor diabetic and I tell them it has nothing to with the fact that I am poor, but rather I see my whole diabetic life as lacking. I am learning new things everyday, new experiences are coming my way and I am looking forward to my cup overflowing with knowledge and wisdom in diabetes mellitus and then I will truly be Rich, until then I am just the poor diabetic.

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