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diabetes cure 3 Diabetes cureI had every intention of making this Diabetes cure musing into a satire post since my Diabetes water received so many acclaimed reviews from my DOC peeps, but on second thought I have the distinct impression that anyone who reads this post in the future is at a frustrating  point in their lives  and are looking to seriously Quit Diabetes.

So my Nano Tech Cinnamon laden Inset cells miracle diabetes cure will have to wait for another halfhearted day I suppose.

Here is simply a true and Real  factorial about a diabetes cure.

  • As of this post on the day of our lord august 11th 2010, there is NO DIABETES CURE.
  • There is  promising experimental diabetes cure therapies globally but they are just that,simply  Experimental. Most are in initial trial phases and not in Human clinical trials yet, some of these include:
  1. Restore Pancreatic Insulin Response in type 1 diabetes. Study by Sanford University
  2. Ileal Transposition Surgery(small intestinal switch) by Dr Aureo de Paula of Brazil
  3. laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) aka Gastric bypass
  4. Stem Cells
  5. Stimulating production of a particular enzyme.
  6. Our Bones May Be a Diabetes cure for type II
  7. Even Dolphins seems to know of a diabetes cure. (not sure if this one belongs here)
  8. Cashew seeds can be a diabetes cure
  9. Thwarting beta cell replication
  10. Coconut Water
  11. Beta Cells Production
  12. Cyclin D3 added to protein cocktail may be a diabetes cure
  13. Regrowing a damaged pancreas
  14. Artificial Pancreas
  15. Good ol weight loss as a diabetes cure

These I was able to cull from Google News Feeds in the last couple of months, and there are many many more real efforts to a diabetes cure out there, but with over 285 million people afflicted globally, finding a diabetes cure is in the forefront of most research efforts.

snake oil salesman 300x283 Diabetes cure

Red Dead Redemption's Nigel West Dickens

I would be remiss in not including the the opposite of real, these are  myths, half truths and blatant lies that surround the world of  Mr Nigel West Dickens, a snake oil salesman from the popular video game Red Dead Redemption.

As in most make believe worlds, it is Subverted, in that snake oil is actually beneficial in this game — namely, drinking it refills your Dead Eye meter but it is no diabetes cure.

In the real world however snake oil salesmen do serious  damage by preying on the desperate  and the misinformed, and at the end of the day, these scammers  have only the intention of fleecing your wallet.

Kerri from Six until me a fellow D-blogger in her awesomeness wrote a fine piece on things that wont cure diabetes, and she gives this part of the story more justice than I.

As Kerri so eloquently puts it:

I cannot stand the cure peddlers.  Unless they’re working at the DRI or some other research facility that’s actually working to cure type 1 diabetes, I don’t want to hear about supplements that wean people off insulin or a book marketed towards the faithful, promising a cure for whatever ails them.  It’s depressing, watching all these people make a bundle off the hope or the miseducation or the desperation of people who are living with diabetes.

Here are the things that are not a diabetes cure by any means.

  1. Bible diabetes cure- This really does not need an explanation but Kelly Kunik of Diabetesaliciousness another D blogger wrote an inspirational piece about her experience with this bible diabetes cure.
  2. Natural diabetes cure- Thanks Kevin Trudeau but I don’t wanna know your natural diabetes cure either.
  3. Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Chromium, Nopal Cactus, Bitter Melon,American Ginseng,Gynema Sylvestre, and all the other supplements that are tauted as cures, now they may be able to help regulate blood glucose levels but that is not a cure.
  4. Getting off Insulin
  5. Raw foods
  6. Holistic
  7. Stable Sugar
  8. Acupuncture
  9. Aromatherapy
  10. All Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including treatment with herbs
  11. Biofeedback and meditation
  12. Chiropractic
  13. Dance Therapy
  14. Homeopathic
  15. Massage Therapy
  16. Thai Chi
  17. Yoga
  18. Budwig Diet Mixture
  19. Diabetes water

Most of the touted diabetes cure is based on false advertising, a headline will scream ” Cure for Type II Diabetes“  just to draw you into the sight and peddle some of the above mentioned supplements with maybe a disclaimer stating it is not actually a cure. Here is the advertising link on Google that sent me to the Budwig concoction above.

The Cure for Type II Diabetes

While the above treatment will cure your diabetes, you may have more immediate needs related to the side-effects of having diabetes.

www.cancertutor.com/Diabetes/Diabetes_Type_II.htm – Similar

So on goes the diabetes cure shtick…..

Type II or Type 2 diabetes is one of the rare diseases that is not caused by a microbe or impurities in vaccinations. It is caused by our diet of “bad fats” and the lack of “good fats” in our diet.

If a person were to simply avoid the trans-fatty acids and many other bad fats, eventually their type 2 diabetes would go away because as the bad cells (i.e. the ones with rigid fats on them) died, they would be replaced by new cells made of good fats (assuming there were good fats in your diet). However, this process would take several years since many cells live for multiple years.

However, there is a way to speed up the process. By avoiding the bad fats, and flooding your body with the right type of good fats, especially water-soluble omega 3, type 2 diabetes is very easy to cure. It generally takes 7-12 months (much less time if it is newly diagnosed) for the diabetes cure.
Remember the old adage, A miracle diabetes cure is a lot more miracle and a lot less cure…..


  1. Number 3 on what’s not a cure could have gone on for days. Great Post Ronald.

    • I know…the supplement list is long and exhausting, If only it was that simple to get cured, …my favorite by far is number 18 the Budwig diet mixture…..one of the directions was to take the portion within 10 minutes or the potency degrades….I was in stitches…..

  2. We all enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek now and then. You are probably correct for being on the serious side for this one, especially for the people just diagnosed.

    Some more information that is about what is coming at us, but especially for the type 1 people is contained in some of the topic I have covered http://diabetestopics.blogspot.com/2010/07/more-on-pig-islets.html . There is much more being done and what interests me is the fact that this is working in human trails without all the antirejection drugs.

    This topic is being covered by many of the bloggers, see what Jenny Ruhl wrote at http://diabetesupdate.blogspot.com/2010/08/dear-opportunistic-weasel.html. These “Cure People” are even starting clog up my email.

    Keep up to good work! Bob

  3. Yes, the Tai Chi also can be good for your health but it is not a diabetes cure.

  4. I once read an article claiming acai berry supplements could cure diabetes lol. It’s unfortunate but a lot of diabetics may fall to these snake-oil-esque scams.


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