The good ol bait and switch


diabetes bait and switch The good ol bait and switchMama said there would be days like these.

I can empathize with charlie brown, while he is depicted as the fool in the classic bait & switch peanuts episode, I identify with his sucker  today.

You see in this famous episode Lucy would ask charlie to punt the football but every time he lined up and ran out to kick it, she would yank the ball away and he would land on his behind, yet every time she would ask him to do it again and even though he protested knowing full well what her intentions were, he still lined up to punt that football and yet again she would yank it at the last moment and he would land on his ass, a sucker he was in more ways than one.

Was he merely a fool, an optimist, or did he just love landing on his behind, these are the critical questions I am asking.

There are days when I wake up in the morning  and I believe it to be the day I Coral  the betes, this day always starts great with the  prefect fasting bg’s (bait) and I am always tempted to fool myself into forgetting that the betes has a mind of its own.

Its in  those particular days I am a mighty viking, pilfering, plundering  and raising hell with my warrior within in the fool hardy belief that I can tame the beast.

its in those fool hardy moments that success seems within my finger tips only to see it slowly blow away like sand in my tightly squeezed palms because inevitably I end up with a pent up high flying day that is the norm.

Today is one of those days

Unfortunately you are a victim of the good ol’ bait and switch.

Clearly something is going to go awry, the signs are all there pointing to the inevitable.

Or maybe  today will be different and maybe just maybe I have turned the corner, and I will survive a full day or two without  the yo yo of spiking numbers and the small telltale after effects that inform me the betes is lurking in the shadows for example is the prickly dry itching skin that has me pining to save on olay moisturizer coz am suddenly using it in bucket loads.

Damn this was supposed to be a beacon  post but for some unknown reason I keep waiting for the inevitable to happen, that I cant even enjoy my good fortune, is it a good or a bad thing that the day is not over yet?

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