Which diabetes apps do you use?


diabetes apps 269x300 Which diabetes apps do you use?Diabetes apps have certainly become the latest trend to hit the diabetes market or should I say aftermarket because many of us still complain that our core diabetes management products, the insulin pumps and CGM’s are archaic at best. A fellow D blogger  Amy of diabetes mine wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs  challenging the Apple Guru to come to the aid of the diabetic community.

While Mr Jobs was too busy to help out, a different company (Adaptive path) actually took up the challenge to develop a device called the Charmr which I blogged about its development in my diabetes devices post.

For Amy and diabetes mine this spurred an idea for the diabetes design challenge which has been mega successful since its launch in 2008 with entries coming in as far as Turin Italy and you may see the results here.  Thanks Amy for that and I hope this spurs more innovation for the diabetes market.

Thanks largely to Mr. Jobs and smart phones, diabetes apps that help manage diabetes effectively are becoming more advanced and relevant.

These apps help with everything from logging BG’s to counting  carbs and meal planning, everything a diabetic needs and yet they fall short of expectations.

I brought up the idea at a discussion recently and the consensus was diabetics prefer an app that will simply let all their devices communicate. Imagine an app that  will allow you to access your gadgets and give you real time data management.

I have to admit, I am old fashioned when it comes to diabetes apps, I am a paper and pen kinda guy. I do have an Iphone but do not have any diabetes app on it, I still log my numbers on a pad because this is what has worked for me.

I have shied away from  these diabetes apps because honestly I have a routine in place that has worked and like mama used to say “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”. Yet on a daily basis I keep getting emails asking for my opinion on one app or another that I am relenting and going to try out a few on the market and those yet to come then hopefully I can make an informed decision.

Mean while am asking you guys if you use any diabetes apps and please let me know which ones  worked best for you in the comments below, I plan to add a diabetes apps list in the blogroll as well. thanks

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  1. Sorry, I’m am like you, give me a tablet and pen. I have relented since I love spreadsheets and have developed my own which fits my needs. There are many available on different sites, but I always have problems trying to add what I think is important and shows me data for trends.

    I probably log more information than most and most spreadsheets do not have room for this information. I found three I liked and used them to help me design my own. After showing it to several friends, they said it was too complicated for them and they didn’t keep detailed records that would require a spreadsheet like mine. I noticed one was making no comments and then he called me later and said he kept about the almost the same data I did, but used a database program for his. Since then we have gotten together several times to compare notes and further enhance both.

    Presently we are working on several combinations (different companies) of database/spreadsheets to exchange data between them and a graphing program to have better analysis of the data. At present we have no intention of making this available for others as most people would find this very data intense and probably not use it. For us, we are just having fun and enjoy experimenting with our records.

    Neither of us use mobile or other platforms other than our desktop computers and record most of our information initially on paper and transfer.


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