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ron 300x225 About Ronnie Gregory MYou are probably wondering who is this guy and why should i listen to what he has to say about anything leave alone diabetes?

Well Please give me a moment of your time and I will tell you who I am and why you may Care to listen to my rumblings.

My name is  Ronnie Gregory and I have type 1 diabetes. (updated April 24 2012)

Until recently I was a type 2 diabetic, how did this come about you ask?

Mine is actually not a tale of misdiagnosis in the traditional sense but rather a plethora of mistakes by everyone myself Included which is why I am not busy crafting a malpractice lawsuit as we speak.


I was officially diagnosed with diabetes  in 1999, when I was a sophomore in college and to say that I was unprepared for it will be the understatement and I say diabetes because I don’t sincerely do not  remember any distinguishing remarks from the doctor in fact I did not learn about type 2 diabetes until years later

Looking back to those early days I can point to two things that have helped shaped the state of my diabetes health today.

1. I quickly found out that I had a phobia for needles and

2. I quickly found out that I could not begin to afford all my diabetes related medication and lifestyle.(Yes I considered it a lifestyle at the time)

Failure number 1: To circumvent the first point above all I heard from the doctor was exercise and diet will go along way in curing your diabetes. (did she actually say that, honestly I don’t know but that is what I heard.)

Which means for the next few weeks I became a gym rat I wasn’t overweight by definition but I coulda used loosing a few pounds and when I lost the weight I think it was approx 30 pounds, I started feeling better, the symptoms went away and I was back to my old self.

Failure number 2:  I was barely surviving as it was, in a job without any kind of benefits, putting in 7 day work weeks just to pay for school and other necessary living expenses on top of the medical bills I had accrued from my hospital stay  that it was so easy to just declare myself cured once the symptoms abated.

Failure number 3: I put diabetes in the back of my mind for years because it was just about the only choice I had, my job was not willing to compromise on the benefits and to make matters worse or better which ever way you look at it ( I choose better) my expenses increased dramatically during this time when my son way born.

It wasn’t until 2003 after securing a new job with medical benefits that I was able to see a doctor again and of course I was able to get back on the right path to diabetes management but that was short lived as well, the job lasted a year and so with it went my health Insurance and again I fell back into the same trap.

How I managed to survive those years with just exercise and  severely limiting my carbs I couldn’t tell you but it was this precarious position I found myself in back in 2005 when thanks to a new Job I could afford Insurance again. But for whatever the reason this doctor decided I was a type 2 and placed me on Metformin.

Denial was still a big part of my psyche, I wasn’t testing the way I should have  been and when I did the numbers I was getting were not “as bad” I convinced myself.

Meanwhile whenever I had high numbers and told my doctor about it, all he did was increase my Metformin dosage.

Of course losing that Job thew me back to the old habits, It wasn’t until late 2009 when I decided to start blogging about my diabetes Journey that I came across the diabetes online community and by then I was completely immersing myself into the type 2 lifestyle.

I mean  the last doctor had said I was type 2 right and I honestly did not know any better.

The firmer I took control of my diabetes management, testing more frequently and seeing the effects Metformin had on my numbers, the more I became convinced something was a miss.

The Metformin Just wasn’t working period. My current doctor who had followed the previous doctors diagnosis of type 2 wanted to add another oral medication after doubling my Metformin yet again to no avail but this time I wasn’t going for it so I requested a switch to Insulin.

Meanwhile everyone I met could not believe I was a type 2. Not to be typical but I wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination and I was a very active so everyone kept telling me that there was no way I was a type 2.

Finally I decided to trace my diabetes history from diagnosis all through to the present and after compiling all of my records and dumping them on my current doctor, we quickly realized what had happened.

So Misdiagnosed maybe the wrong word to describe my case but the good thing about it is that I am back to where I need to be, with the right treatment and diabetes management and the future looks as bright as one can be for someone with a chronic disease of a monkey riding their backs.

That is my story and the adventure is no where near complete so please lend me your ear as we journey through this together…







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