Diabetes, depression and impotence: The unholy trinity


depressiondiabetesimpotence Diabetes, depression and impotence: The unholy trinityIs depression linked to impotence and diabetes?

Impotence in diabetic men between the age group of 40 to 70 can be due to various reasons. It could be due to physical problems, lifestyle, medications and psychological problems but it most probably is because of uncontrolled diabetes and high blood sugars. Impotence is not something that cannot be treated as long as the real cause is diagnosed.

However, sometimes depression can also be a cause for impotence in men, the depression can be triggered by the inability to control  diabetes leading to a vicious cycle of health problems.

If a diabetic man is sick  or under medication it can cause temporary impotence and this can in turn make him depressed. Diabetes depression and impotence therefore have a direct link to each other and sometimes such diabetes and depression fueled impotence  can be very destructive for men.

Depression and impotence

Sometimes depression could be due to bad health, stress and work related anxiety. Sometimes it could be due to the inability to perform sexually due to the stress around the person.

Since diabetes, depression and  impotence are so closely linked and vice versa, it is only natural that a person will become more depressed.  It can also be due to aging. In either case most men do not like to discuss their problems with the doctor as it can be quite embarrassing. But this as with any other health issue should be freely discussed with the doctor who could help in determining the root cause of the problem.

Understanding impotence

When a man is unable to perform sexually he can fall into depression and stress about his performance. The person needs to understand the process of impotence which could be temporary or due to aging or high blood sugars.

If the impotence is temporary, certain medications and treatment can be given.

If it is due to diabetes then controlling blood sugar levels and in effect controlling diabetes, will help retard the impotence and depressive feelings.

If it is due to aging then the person need to become mentally prepared to adapt to the changes. They also need to understand that direct stimulation would be more beneficial for them as they grow older.

Men who are depressed due to various reasons will need to understand that depression is treatable. Being depressed is not a sign of emotional weakness or failure as a man. Rather this should be handled in a positive manner by consulting with medical experts for such cases. As it is when a man fails to perform sexually he is bound to get depressed which in turn increases the impotency level. If the intense level of depression and hopelessness persists it will start interfering with work, relationship with family members and social life.

The link between Diabetes, Depression and impotency

For a long time researchers have been studying the connection between depression and testosterone in human. When depression takes place, the body suffers the stress associated with it and men are three times more prone to fall into impotence. The stress on the body lowers the testosterone level which leads to erectile dysfunction or impotency. Extended periods of high blood sugars will also damage the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis and could easily lead to erectile dysfunction.

During such a situation a man must talk with loved ones, friend or the doctor so that correct diagnosis can be given. This is to cure not only the depression but the impotency can be treated as well.

The interrelated cure

Doctors give medications after thoroughly investigating the cause of depression which is again related to impotence.

These antidepressants take care of the depression while other diabetes drugs are given for the diabetes and some may be prescribed for the  impotency. However, there are also many herbal medicines which are alternative treatments and come recommended by the doctors.

These herbal medicines have no major side effects as the herbs are meant for dealing with depression and impotency. These herbs are better since some antidepressants have side effects and leads to more impotency. The herbal medicines improve mental health and mood of a patient which can have a positive effect on the sexual libido.

Getting the help of a professional medical expert for treating diabetes, depression and impotency can be far beneficial. Since these interrelated diseases can be difficult and complex, it is best to consult with a specialist.

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