Contacts or glasses which side do you fall on


IMG 0221 225x300 Contacts or glasses which side do you fall onI have always debated between Freshlook Contacts and Glasses, as you can see, I am a spiffy fella in my bifocals but the truth is even the bifocals took a long time to join my repertoire.  I have somewhat of an  aversion  to change I suppose due to the sense of security a normal life gives me which is kind of ironic because as a diabetic change happens to be a standardized practice.

I have to be honest, it took longer for me to get glasses when my eyes started failing than it would take the normal person, I couldn’t tell you why but for almost close to a year I resisted my family’s calls to get them, maybe deep down inside I saw it as diabetes management failure because this was by far my first tangible diabetes complication.

So I fought it, thinking my eyesight would improve if I could just get my sugars to improve and everything would go back to normal.

As usual my fears were baseless and when I finally got my bifocals, cleared the fog in front of my world and stopped squinting like an old man, things clearly went back to normal.

That was about 10 years ago and I have never been happier, my glasses take a beating however since I use them everywhere, and It has been suggested that I try contacts.Smiley face contact 100x100 Contacts or glasses which side do you fall on

I must admit, I have had a bad experience with contacts once, it was Halloween a few years ago and at my cousins party, I tried to use some smiley face contacts without using a sterile saline solution and this caused a minor irritation in my eyes but those were novelty ones and not for daily use.

I could use the contacts too especially when I am out riding, obviously I have to wear my glasses and sweat usually drips down the lenses and I have to stop every few hours to clean them out, whats strange is that  I already use saline solutions to clean my lenses whenever they need to be cleaned, but yet again it is that little fear of change that’s keeping me from taking the leap forward.

I am curious to know what kind of experiences people have had with contacts and what is the best kind to get?

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  1. I lived in my contacts for over 20 years and managed my way through their evolution. (I was bling and a swimmer, glasses weren’t an option). Then along came Marty. That ruined everything, no matter what kind I tried my eyes were constantly dry. Then I got lasik, BEST money I ever spent on myself. It’s now a few years later and I need to wear reading glasses, but it’s still awesome. I hated wearing my glasses and it’s something you can’t appreciate until you become a contact wearer. The last time I wore contacts I wore the larger ones that breathe. I think they were made by Bosh n Lomb…but hell, I can’t remember. Do they offer lasik for memory loss?

    It’s hard to get use to contacts, but if you stay committed you will love them.

    • You know i hadnt thought about lasik as an alternative so am adding that to the sounds like it was a good way to go for you, other than cost i think it could be a viable option as well

  2. I have no problem w/ wearing glasses. I prefer them over contacts. I can’t be bother w/ cleaning solutions or stretching my lids to insert lenses:)


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