The Birds and The Bees


bird and bee The Birds and The BeesLast Night I had the Birds and Bees talk with my son and whew!!!

Yea that is one of the most uncomfortable talks we have ever had.

I swear Every time I said Sex I could  see him cringe and squirm, maybe because I had the same incontrovertible look on my face.

While a  circumstance led me to this day, it was one of those things I believed was not in the realm of possibilities  in the near future but since he is almost twelve now and at that curious age plus the Incident I had no choice but to face the music and answer some tough questions.

Parents know that kids today are growing up faster than we ever did, technology and the internet has its Highs and lows. I mean without the DOC where would we all be right now yet When my Son inadvertently (so he says) accessed porn on his Ipod,  It took everything I had in me not to just take the thing and smash it on the wall.

Parental Controls on those things are a joke by the way and short of eliminating his entire Internet access(he needs it for school) I had to buy a third party app that would somewhat do what I needed done but that is just the venting part of my story.

Although unfortuitous circumstances led me to the birds and bees conversation, Interestingly It  made the comparable leap to uncomfortable situations ie Talking about a diabetes diagnosis.

paula deen1 100x100 The Birds and The BeesA couple of weeks ago the web and the community at large was a buzz with news of another celebrity diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Am talking about Paula Deen. Am sure you did not miss the backlash that followed her announcement if you did just search Paula Deen Diabetes on Google but please be prepared to read some nasty stuff.birds and bees The Birds and The Bees

For those like myself who have no Idea who she is, She is a celebrity chef with a show on the food network and yes you guessed it she peddles recipes and an unhealthy diet full of butter and sugar so you can imagine the she ate herself into a type 2 diabetes diagnosis crowd going bananas.

That was not the end of it however and this is the part that has me kinda passing judgement on her, She hid her condition from everyone for almost 3 years.

Ok so she was under no obligation to disclose her diabetes to anyone but in this case in purely the hypocritical oath scenario, she had a higher calling to do so.

Diabetes has a  multitude of causes and it is not easy to pin point just one as most people inevitably want but an unhealthy diet is a predominant precurser to type 2 diabetes, this link has been well established.

We have no idea If Miss Dean was sipping her own cool aid as it were but I am finding it unfathomable that she would continue peddling her wares knowing that there is a strong possibility it would have systematically led to her diagnosis.

No wonder people were angry even though this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to attack her, I only she and her God knows why she chose to keep it  a secret for so long.

That having been said, I don’t know the lady any more than you do and as my fellow diabetics Kerri and Liz said

She is one of us now and we are not perfect ambassadors of this disease, each one of us has a different story to tell as frightening and as uncomfortable as it might be it is simply my hope that she uses the platform she has been presented to be an advocate for diabetes.



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