A new approach to the war on diabetes


declare war on type 2 diabetes.3 A new approach to the war on diabetes

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Have you ever used the words “A war on diabetes” in everyday life?

I am a pacifist by nature and thus it  becomes unnatural for me to  describe diabetes management in military idioms, furthermore  it does not quite sit very well with me when someone starts throwing those kinds of  military connotations around.

Having personally  lived through some harrowing experiences with military conflicts in Africa as a youth I have quite a uniquely different perspective on the war machine and its consequences to peoples lives.

(p/s: The T is a design by a good friend of mine, Chrystal aka the sexy diabetic and you can see and maybe buy some of here artwork here )

So while I may not agree with the general notion of war and  military conflict resolution, there is no denying the  truth  however that the daily life of a diabetic fighting this disease can be viewed in the terms of fighting a diabetes war.

We all struggle with diabetes,  triumph or lose on a daily basis and in this sense it becomes somewhat of a conflict  and can be treated as such.

  • But is the war on diabetes a real war or  mere rhetoric?
  • are these just symbolic words in the sense that we are fighting a disease and are just meant to inspire?
  • Is this a general term or can be adopted to individual everyday diabetic  life? am declaring a war on diabetes A new approach to the war on diabetes

I did a quick google on” the war on diabetes” and I culled the top 3 interesting results.

  1. The war on diabetes heats up – A story from 2 years a go about some  bio-tech firms competing in the diabetes field
  2. Mayo clinic declares war on diabetes – The Mayo Clinic will soon debut a major, comprehensive strategy to combat diabetes, sources say. Details are vague but Mayo officials have told local bio-tech officials that a big initiative is in the works, which could include research, education, outreach, ways to speed technology transfer, or all of the above.( from last year)
  3. Triad companies, researchers busy in war on diabetes – Winston-Salem bio-tech Targacept opened the latest front in the war on diabetes earlier this month, when it announced its first major clinical trials of a drug…(from last week

It seems to me that only the media use the words “war on diabetes” in their sensational seeking headlines.

So back to my original question.

Is the war on diabetes real, rhetoric or even relevant to you the regular Joe blow diabetic out there?


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  2. I don’t relate to the “war on diabetes” but I suppose we like metaphors and this is a strong one. I too, am not too keen on the use of military connotations, though. I prefer to say something with a more positive connotation. Although, diabetes is negative…still, we could say we want more people to live diabetes-free and that we declare we’ll help make it happen?

  3. Thanks – where is article source?

  4. Thanks, its useful for me.


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