A Low carb vegetarian diet

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My Low Carb Vegetarian Diet

Who could have imagined, Me  seduced by  the dark side of the force.

Yes I have joined an  ancient society of Vegetarians not to be confused with the radical wing  Vegans.

I am learning their ways, their philosophy and lifestyle adhering to their abolitionist beliefs. I have denounced the use of animals as food, not for moral conviction or ethical obligations and not for environmental, religious or spiritual concerns  but for far less a tantalizing of health reasons.

Nonetheless, I have been welcome with open arms into this secret society, I am learning so much as I move forward with my vegetarian ways, like the secret handshake for example

For a Low carb vegetarian diet to be effective, meal planning is crucial

As a diabetic however, keeping a strict watch on my carb intake means  I had to come up with a low carb vegetarian diet, which worked best for me

My Low carb vegetarian diet constitutes beans, legumes, veggies and fruits, I haven’t tried the infamous tofu yet but it is on my bucket list.

A Sample of my Low Carb Vegetarian diet.

Below is a sample of my diet for yesterday


1/2 cup old fashioned whole grain oats – 27g carbs


1 whole apple halved with 1 spoon peanut butter spread – 19g carbs


Garden salad with onion, tomato and 2 tbsp hidden valley fat free ranch dressing – 15g carbs


1 serving Jensen orchard veggie chips – 11g carbs


2 Tomato’s stuffed with red beans and brown rice – 30g carbs

total carbs 102g

My intention in the low carb vegetarian diet was to limit my daily  carb intake to below 100g and I think I am doing a decent job at it.

With 60% of the protein intake breaking down into glucose for energy, I feel the need to tweak my protein levels, I haven’t experienced any shakes or hunger pangs which means the foods I am choosing are satisfying as well.

The greatest advice, I received about the effectiveness of a low carb vegetarian diet is the same advice given for a regular diabetic diet.

Snacking is important and should be included in the low carb vegetarian diet, the key is to keep healthy low carb snacks in hand so you don’t have to reach out for the junk alternatives.

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